6 AUGUST 2019 – Sale of Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 6th August

L&S sold 487 cattle at their fortnightly store sale. Bullocks topped at £1100 for a Limousin x from Whitehill farm, Gartcosh, and to 223.7p/kg for an Aberdeen Angus x from Easton farm, Dunsyre, to average 203.8p/kg. Heifers topped at £1165 for a Limousin x from Corramore farm, Sandilands, and to 239.5p/kg for a pen of 5 limousin heifers from from Laigh Park (Blairnavaid), to average 202.5p/kg. Dairy bullocks sold to a top of £890 for a British Friesian from Cromlet farm, Glenmavis, and to 160.3p from the same home average at 135p/kg.


0-300kg: £660; 223.7p Easton.

301-350kg: £690; 200.6p St Johns Kirk.

351-400kg: £820; 218.7p Drumalbin.

401-450kg: £980; 219.7p Laigh Park (Blairnavaid).

451-500kg: £1000 North Cairn; 210p Corramore.

501-550kg: £1065; 203.9p Carsewell Castle.

551-600kg: £1100; 188.4p Whitehill, Gartcosh.


0-300kg: £590; 210p Easton.

301-350kg: £585; 175.7p Whiteside.

351-400kg: £910; 239.5p Laigh Park (Blairnavaid).

401-450kg: £860; Bonnington Mains; 198.5p Easton.

451-500kg: £1055; 219.8p Whitehill, Gartcosh.

501-550kg: £1165; 215.7p Corramore.

551-600kg: £1025 Kilburn; 181.7p Whitehill, Gartcosh.

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