Sale Date: 25 June 2019 – Sale of Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 25th June

L&S sold 192 store cattle at their fortnightly sale. Bullocks sold to a top of £1105 for a pair of Aberdeen angus from W Mclean, Kilblaan, Campbeltown, and to 208.3p/kg for a limousin from WJ McCornick, Gair, Carluke, to average 198.1p/kg. Heifers sold to a top of £1090 for a charolais from WAB & ME Noble, Lochurd, West Linton, and to 204.5p/kg for a limousin from WJ McCornick, Gair, Carluke, to level at 188.5p/kg.

Bullocks per head

0-350kg: £590 Lawriesmuir.

351-400kg: £825 Gair.

401-450kg: £890 Ladyurd.

451-500kg: £980 Kilblaan.

501-550kg: £1105 Kilblaan.

551-600kg: £1080 Lochurd.

601-650kg: £1080 Lochurd.

Bullocks per kilo

0-350kg: 179p Lawriesmuir.

351-400kg: 208.3p Gair.

401-450kg: 206.9p Kilblaan.

451-500kg: 202.5p Kilblaan.

501-550kg: 202.8p Kilblaan.

551-600kg: 188.2p Lochurd.

601-650kg: 169.3p Lochurd.

Heifers per head

0-350kg: £650 East Hyndshawland.

351-400kg: £810 Gair.

401-450kg: £865 Kilblaan.

451-500kg: £940 Kilblaan.

501-550kg: £995 Lochurd.

551-600kg: £1090 Lochurd.

Heifers per kilo

0-350kg: 190.1p East Hyndshawland.

351-400kg: 204.5p Gair.

401-450kg: 193.4p Kilblaan.

451-500kg: 203.5p Kilblaan.

501-550kg: 183.6p Lochurd.

551-600kg: 192.9p Kilblaan.

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