Sale Date: 11 June 2019 – Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 11th June

L&S sold 201 store cattle and 37 breeding cattle at their fortnightly sale with a mixed show forward. Bullocks topped at £1225 for a Charolais bullock from M Peat, Greenhill, Lesmahagow, or to 229.3p/kg for a Charolais x from L Hopkinson, Watermeetings, Elvanfoot, to average 206.6p/kg. Heifers topped at £1085 for a Charolais heifer from M Peat, Greenhill, Lesmahagow, or to 219p/kg for a Limousin heifer from G Anderson, Upper Muirhouse, to average 200.3p/kg. Dairy bullocks sold to £730 for Norwegian reds from W & E Watson, Midhill, Elsrickle, to average 168.7p/kg.

Bullocks per head

0-300kg: £665 Watermeetings.

301-350kg: £710 Watermeetings.

351-400kg: £825 Woodlands (Carmichael).

401-450kg: £900 Stonebyres.

451-500kg: £1040 The Dyke (Darvel).

501-550kg: £1165 Greenhill (Lesmahagow).

601+kg: £1225 Greenhill (Lesmahagow).

Bullocks per kilo

0-300kg: 229.3p Watermeetings.

301-350kg: 221.2p Watermeetings.

351-400kg: 225.1p Watermeetings.

401-450kg: 222.8p The Gair.

451-500kg: 214.9p The Dyke (Darvel).

501-550kg: 214.5p Greenhill (Lesmahagow).

601+kg: 198.2p Greenhill (Lesmahagow).

Heifers per head

0-350kg: £625 Watermeetings.

351-400kg: £830 Upper Muirhouse.

401-450kg: £920 Upper Muirhouse.

451-500kg: £1085 Greenhill (Lesmahagow).

501-550kg: £1075 Carmichael Est.

Heifers per kilo

0-350kg: 204.2p Watermeetings.

351-400kg: 219.6p Upper Muirhouse.

401-450kg: 218.5p Upper Muirhouse.

451-500kg: 218.8p Greenhill (Lesmahagow).

501-550kg: 207.7p Cornhill.

Breeding Cattle

Cow with bull calf

£1940, £1760 & £1650 Haggmuir, £1620 High Crewburn, £1520 Mid Wellwood & Haggmuir, £1400 Wolfcrooks.

Cow with heifer calf

£1760 Haggmuir, £1420 Auchmeddan, £1360 & £1280 Haggmuir.

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