Sale Date: 14 May 2019 – Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark agricultural Centre

Tuesday 14th May 2019

Store Cattle

L&S sold 951 store cattle at their fortnightly sale. Bullocks sold to £1150 for a Limousin x from Rowanhill Farm, or to 258.7p/kg for a Charolais x from I & L Buchanan, Wee Carleton Farm, to average 213.4p/kg. Heifers sold to £1150 twice for a Limousin x from Knockshinnoch Farm and Hattonknowe Farm, or to 243.6p/kg from Drumalbin Farm, to average 201.1p/kg. Dairy bullocks sold to a top of £915 for a Friesian from Over Kypeside Farm, to average 145p/kg.

Bullocks per head

0-300kg: £730 Brownhill.

301-350kg: £835 Haswellsykes.

351-400kg: £925 Bickerton Hall.

401-450kg: £1025 Bickerton Hall.

451-500kg: £1120 Cornhill.

501-550kg: £1140 Birkhill.

551-600kg: £1150 Rowanhill.

601+kg: Ingraston.

Bullocks per kilo

0-300kg: 258.7p Wee Carleton.

301-350kg: 248.5p Thornyhills.

351-400kg: 238.3p Thornyhills

401-450kg: 233p Bickerton Hall.

451-500kg: 239.8p Cornhill.

501-550kg: 218.8p Wester Walston.

551-600kg: 204p Rowanhill.

601+kg: 189.4p Ingraston.

Heifers per head

0-250kg: £530 Berryhill.

251-300kg: £685 Drumalbin.

301-350kg: £760 Drumalbin.

351-400kg: £880 Hillend.

401-450kg: £980 Huntlyhill.

451-500kg: £1150 Knockshinnoch.

501-550kg: £1085 Birkhill.

551-600kg: £1150 Hattonknowe.

601+kg: £1145 Woodlands (Carmichael)

Heifers per kilo

0-250kg: 218p Berryhill.

251-300kg: 237p Drumalbin.

301-350kg: 243.6p Drumalbin.

351-400kg: 23.4p Hillend.

401-450kg: 225.8p Huntlyhill.

451-500kg: 236.6p Knockshinnoch.

501-550kg: 208.3p Birkhill.

551-600kg: 195.6p Hattonknowe.

601+kg: 185p Woodlands (Carmichael)

Dairy bullocks

£915 Over Kypeside, £860 Hattonknowe, £840 Coledrain.

179.4p Over Kypeside, 169.5p Langholm, 164p Hattonknowe.

Breeding Cattle

57 breeding cattle were forward including the stock dispersal from Mr D Taylor, Haggmuir Farm. Cows with calves at foot topped at £2350 for a Limousin cow with heifer calf at foot from Haggmuir and to £2300 for a Limousin cow with bull calf at foot from the same home. Cows with heifer calves averaged £ 1625.83 and cows with bull calves averaged £1855.38. In calf heifers sold to £1800 for a Limousin x heifer also from Haggmuir.

Cows with bull calf at foot

£2200, £2150, £2120, £2100, £2000 Haggmuir.

Cows with heifer calf at foot

£2000, £1900, £1820, £1800 Haggmuir.

In-calf heifer

£1800, £1400, £1200 Haggmuir.

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