Sale Date: 30 April 2019 – Sale of Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre


Tuesday 30th April


Lawrie & Symington had forward 2011 Store Cattle to their fortnightly sale. Bullocks topped at £1210 for a Limousin from T & J Linton, Sornfallow Farm, Wiston, and to 275p/Kg from Messrs T & I Hamilton, Kilwhipnach Farm, Campbeltown, to average 222.1p/Kg. Heifers topped at £1240 for a Limousin from J & A Galloway, Lochlyoch Farm, Carmichael, and to 328p/Kg for the same heifer, to average 209.3p/Kg. Dairy bred bullocks topped at £930 for a Holstein Friesian from Messrs G & J Fleming, Craigthorn Farm, Glassford, to average 157p/Kg.


Bullocks per Head

0-250kg: £615 Bagmoors, £550 Burnbrae (Lesmahagow).

251-300kg: £750 Haggmuir, £740 Easter Manuel.

301-350kg: £880 Kilwhipnach, £870 Fisherton.

351-400kg: £1025 Lochlyoch, £960 Ballagan.

401-450kg: £1065 Mid Shawtonhill, £1050 Hamildean.

451-500kg: £1170 Robiesland, £1110 Mid Shawtonhill & Walston Mill.

501-550kg: £1150 Wester Moffat, £1140 Wolfcrooks.

551-600kg: £1210 Sornfallow, £1180 Wester Moffat.

601-650kg: £1140 Walston Mill.


Bullocks per Kilo

0-250kg: 265p Bagmoors, 243p Burnbrae (Lesmahagow).

251-300kg: 270p Easter Manuel, 253p Haggmuir.

301-350kg: 275p Kilwhipnach, 260p Dunsyre Mains.

351-400kg: 262p & 255p Lochlyoch, 251p Easter Manuel.

401-450kg: 239p Scrogton & Mid Shawtonhill, 238p South Mains.

451-500kg: 252p Robiesland, 234p The Law.

501-550kg: 218p Broomknowes, 217p Netherton & Netherurd Mains.

551-600kg: 215p Sornfallow, 204p Wester Moffat.

601-650kg: 180p Walston Mill.


Heifers per Head

0-250kg: £560 Burnbrae (Lesmahagow).

251-300kg: £740 Easter Manuel, £730 Burnbrae (Lesmahagow), £685 Brownhill.

301-350kg: £900 Lochlyoch, £860 Ballagan.

351-400kg: £1240, £1040 & £1000 Lochlyoch, £1000 Townhead.

401-450kg: £1060 Sunnyside, £1010 Hamildean.

451-500kg: £1090 Wester Hassockrigg & Whitehill (Gartcosh), £1035 Netherurd Mains & Thornyhills.

501-550kg: £1165 Netherurd Mains, £1110 Badenheath Park.

551-600kg: £1175 Burnton, £1160 Netherurd Mains.

601-650kg: £1080 Burnfoot (Quothquan).

651kg+: £1170 North Quarter.


Heifers per Kilo

0-250kg: 224p Burnbrae (Lesmahagow).

251-300kg: 250p Easter Manuel, 247p Burnbrae (Lesmahagow), 240p Brownhill.

301-350kg: 257p Lochlyoch, 247p Ballagan.

351-400kg: 328p Lochyloch, 279p Townhead.

401-450kg: 251p Sunnyside, 228p Hamildean.

451-500kg: 228p Wester Hassockrigg, 226p Whitehill (Gartcosh).

501-550kg: 219p Netherurd Mains, 213p Badenheath Park.

551-600kg: 206p & 201p Wester Moffat, 199p Burnton.

601-650kg: 171p Burnfoot (Quothquan).

651+kg: 175p North Quarter.


Dairy Bred Bullocks

Per Head: £930 Craigthorn, £860 Broomknowes, £850 East Gartmillan, £825 Muldron.

Per Kilo: 198p Cobblehaugh, 183p Craigends, 180p Muldron.

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