Sale Date: 16 April 2019 – Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre


Tuesday 16th April

L&S had 1215 Store & Breeding cattle forward to their fortnightly sale. Top price for the day was achieved by a 650kg Aberdeen Angus bullock from R J Sommerville, Smeaton Farm, Dalkeith, selling for £1340, and to 282p/Kg for a Limousin bullock from Craighead, Mauchline, to average 220.1p/Kg. Heifers topped at £1285 for a Simmental x from J & A Currie, Bogside, Carluke, and to 254p/Kg for a British Blue from Upper Inchwood Farm, to average 203.5p/Kg. Dairy bred bullocks topped at £990 for a Holstein from J & F Grant, South Carnduff Farm, Strathaven, to average 166p/Kg.


Bullocks per Head

0-250kg: £650 Bagmoors.

251-300kg: £750 Craighead, Mauchline, £730 Nether Culzean.

301-350kg: £870 Blacklands, £840 Crookboat.

351-400kg: £945 Haswellsykes, £940 Upper Inchwood.

401-450kg: £1030 Hillend, £1015 Elsrickle Mains.

451-500kg: £1230 & £1210 Upper Inchwood, £1180 Hillend.

501-550kg: £1170 Walesley, £1130 Crookboat.

551-600kg: £1215 Bogside, £1180 Smeaton.

601-650kg: £1340 Smeaton, £1280 Greenhill.

651+kg: £1290 Craigthornhill.


Bullocks per Kilo

0-250kg: 278p Bagmoors.

251-300kg: 282p Craighead, Mauchline, 252p Nether Culzean.

301-350kg: 259p & 255p Craighead, Mauchline, 252p Berryhill.

351-400kg: 256p Wester Whitecastles, 249p South Stane.

401-450kg: 231p Hillend, 230p South Stane.

451-500kg: 261p Upper Inchwood, 241p Hillend.

501-550kg: 224p Walesley, 219p Netherton.

551-600kg: 213p Bogside, 212p Smeaton.

601-650kg: 207p Greenhill, 206p Smeaton.

651+kg: 185p Craigthornhill.


Heifers per Head

0-250kg: £480 Crawcraigs.

251-300kg: £620 Craighead, Mauchline, £520 East Drumlemble.

301-350kg: £850 Greenbank, Carluke, £740 Bordlands.

351-400kg: £960 Upper Inchwood, £895 Bluebell, £870 Titwood.

401-450kg: £980 Tippethill, £940 Hillend, £910 Cleugh.

451-500kg: £1200 Upper Inchwood, £1030 Logan.

501-550kg: £1170 Greenhill, £1135 Craighead, Abington.

551-600kg: £1140 Walston Mill, £1130 Bogside.

601-650kg: £1285 Bogside, £1275 Greenhill.


Heifers per Kilo

0-250kg: 194p Crawcraigs.

251-300kg: 246p Craighead, Mauchline.

301-350kg: 247p Greenbank, Carluke, 228p Bordlands.

351-400kg: 254p Upper Inchwood, 235p The Dyke, Darvel.

401-450kg: 222p Tippethill, 221p Hillend.

451-500kg: 252p Upper Inchwood, 217p Crookboat.

501-550kg: 225p Craighead, Abington, 222p Greenhill.

551-600kg: 207p Walston Mill, 195p Bogside.

601-650kg: 205p Greenhill, 200p Bogside.


Dairy bred bullocks

Per Head

£990 South Carnduff, £920 Hawksland, £910 East Mains of Ballencrieff, £835 Cobblehaugh.

Per Kilo

225p Cobblehaugh, 207p Hawksland, 184p East Mains of Ballencrieff.


Breeding Cattle

Also forward were 33 Breeding Cattle. Trade was topped at £1,200 for an Aberdeen Angus cow with calf at foot from Messrs A Struthers, Auchmeddan Farm, or £1,110 from Whitehill Farms for an in-calf heifer.


Bulling Heifers

SHO - £820 Midhill.

AA - £750 Auchmeddan.


In-calf Heifers

HER x - £1110 & £1100 Whitehill.


Cows with calf at foot

AA - £1200 & £1140 Auchmeddan.

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