Sale Date: 19 February 2019 – Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd
Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 19th February

L&S had forward 1012 Store & Breeding Cattle. Bullocks sold to a top price of £1280 from Carmichael Estates, or to 239p/Kg from Messrs Lindsay, West Quarter Farm, Carluke, to average 210p. Heifers sold to £1290 from Carmichael Estates, or to 267p/Kg from Messrs Pirie, Laigh Park (Blairnavaid), Milngavie, to average 195.6p. Dairy breed Bullocks sold to 163p/Kg from Messrs Struthers, Auchmeddan Farm, Lesmahagow, to average 138.1p.

Beef Bullock per Head
251-300kg: £570 East Crookedstone, £520 Balcastle.
301-350kg: £800 Knevocklaw, £785 Botherwickfield, £780 Palaceknowe.
351-400kg: £910 Rhoin, £880 Palaceknowe, £870 Haswellsykes, £870 Turdees.
401-450kg: £1000 Titwood, £990 Newbigging Mill, £990 Millmoor, £980 Auchmeddan.
451-500kg: £1115 South Carnduff, £1090 Darnhall, £1085 Laigh Park (Blairnavaid), £1080 The Law.
501-550kg: £1170 Greenfield, £1140 Birkhill, £1140 Darnhall, £1135 Over Quarter.
551-600kg: £1280 Carmichael Est, £1190 Howpark, £1190 Bogside, £1185 Greenbank.
601-650kg: £1225 Bogside, £1215 Blairmulloch, £1170 Badenheath Park.
651+kg: £1265 Haininghead.

Beef Bullock per Kilo
251-300kg: 201p East Crookedstone.
301-350kg: 239p West Quarter, 237p Knevocklaw, 228p Palaceknowe.
351-400kg: 238p Rhoin, 229p Barmulloch, 225p Botherwickfield.
401-450kg: 234p Laigh Park (Blairnavaid), 230p Millmoor, 229p Titwood, 228p Auchmeddan.
451-500kg: 235p Hillend, 232p South Carnduff, 231p Laigh Park (Blairnavaid), 230p Hillend.
501-550kg: 215p Greenfield, 215p Drumbuie, 215p Auchren, 214p Keil.
551-600kg: 215p Carmichael Est, 205p Howpark, 205p Greenfield.
601-650kg: 201p Blairmulloch.

Beef Heifer per Head
250-300kg: £580 Kypehill, £560 Balcastle.
301-350kg: £705 Mayfield, £690 Barmulloch, £625 Drumboy.
351-400kg: £910 Craighead, £830 Burnton, £820 Hillend, £820 Gair.
401-450kg: £1170 Laigh Park (Blairnavaid), £940 Burnton, £930 Drumbuie, £890 Millmoor.
451-500kg: £1090 Gillbank, £980 Cleughhead, £980 The Law, £970 Burnton.
501-550kg: £1110 Little Kype, £1080 Roberton Mains, £1050 The Law.
551-600kg: £1290 Carmichael Est, £1215 Little Kype, £1195 Roberton Mains.
601-650kg: £1210 Bogside, £1170 Bogside, £1100 Craigthornhill.
651+kg: £1130 Gair.

Beef Heifer per Kilo
250-300kg: 209p Kypehill, 200p Balcastle.
301-350kg: 210p Mayfield, 200p Barmulloch.
351-400kg: 232p Craighead, 216p Burnton, 215p Gair, 211p Knevocklaw.
401-450kg: 267p Laigh Park (Blairnavaid), 214p Burnton, 207p Drumbuie.
451-500kg: 228p Gillbank, 213p Cleughhead, 207p Burnton.
501-550kg: 219p Little Kype, 206p The Law, 205p Dillars.
551-600kg: 227p Carmichael Est, 212p Little Kype, 207p Roberton Mains.
601-650kg: 201p Bogside.

Dairy Bullock per Head
£890 East Hyndshawland, £790 Gibblaston, £750 Dechmont.

Dairy Bullock per Kilo
162p Auchmeddan, 155p Low Tirfergus, 152p East Hyndshawland, 147p Midhill, 146p Millands.

Breeding Cattle

Heifer with Calf at Foot
£1400 & £1000 Palaceknowe, £1220 Wolfcrooks.

Cow with Calf at Foot
£1060 & £1000 Kypehill, £1400 Ladyurd.

In-Calf Heifer
£1220 Ladyurd.

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