Sale Date: 5 February 2019 – Store Cattle

Lawrie and Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 5th February

Lawrie and Symington had 588 cattle forward for their fortnightly Store Cattle Sale. Bullocks topped at £1390 for two AAx from Malletsheugh Farm, and to 228p/Kg for a Limx from Barrodger Farm, to average 207.2p/Kg. Hefers topped at £1265 for a Simx from Bonnington Mains, and to 229p/Kg for a Limx from Millmoor Farm, to average 196.4p/Kg. Black and Whites topped at £915 for a Holstein Friesian from East Hyndshawland, and to 184p/Kg for a Fleckvieh from Townfoot Farm, to average 141p/Kg.

Bullocks per Head

0-300kg: £600 East Crookedstone.

301-350kg: £740 Walkerdyke.

351-400kg: £830 Townfoot, £755 West Millrig.

401-450kg: £985 Cleughhead, £960 Craighead.

451-500kg: £1120 Barrodger, £1075 Gair.

501-550kg: £1155 Hattonknowe, £1120 Mid Shawtonhill.

551-600kg: £1275 Lochurd, £1195 Blindburn.

601-650kg: £1245 Linnhead, £1210 Bogside.

650+kg: £1390 Malletsheugh, £1240 Underlaw.

Bullocks per Kilo

0-300kg: 217p East Crookedstone.

301-350kg: 213p Walkerdyke.

351-400kg: 208p Townfoot, 205p West Millrig.

401-450kg: 220p West Dykes, 219p Craighead.

451-500kg: 227p Barrodger, 219p Gair.

501-550kg: 219p Haswellsykes, 218p Mid Shawtonhill.

551-600kg: 215p Lochurd, 210p Underlaw.

601-650kg: 196p Bogside & Linnhead.

650+kg: 184p Malletsheugh, 183p Bogside.

Heifers per Head

0-350kg: £580 Walkerdyke.

351-400kg: £800 Walkerdyke, £790 Elsrickle Mains, £750 Newtonhead.

401-450kg: £950 Mossplatt, £930 Newmill.

451-500kg: £1145 Millmoor, £1060 Mossplatt.

501-550kg: £1120 Newmill, £1090 Linnhead.

551-600kg: £1210 Underlaw, £1155 Haininghead.

601-650kg: £1190 Bonnington Mains, £1175 Haininghead.

651+kg: £1265 Bonnington Mains.

Heifers per Kilo

0-350kg: 175p Walkerdyke.

351-400kg: 220p Elsrickle Mains, 208p Newtonhead.

401-450kg: 213p Craighead, 212p Mossplatt.

451-500kg: 229p Millmoor, 226p Mossplatt.

501-550kg: 219p Newmill, 208p Hattonknowe.

551-600kg: 204p Underlaw, 199p Wester Hassockrigg.

601-650kg: 195p Haininghead, 184p Bonnington Mains.

651+kg: 181p Bonnington Mains.

Black & Whites per Head

£915 East Hyndshawland, £885 Parklea.

Black & Whites per Kilo

184p Townfoot, 152p East Hyndshawland.












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