Sale Date: 22nd January 2019 – Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 22nd January

L&S hasd forward 657 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale. Bullocks averaged 207.1p and sold to £1260 for a Sim x from J Wightman, Coxhill Farm, and to 237p/Kg for an AAx from Messrs Haddow, Lawriesmuir Farm. Heifers averaged 192.5p and sold to a top of £1265 for a Lim x from D Erskine, Gillbank Farm, and to 223p from Whitehill Farms. Dairy Bred bullocks averaged 144p and sold to £870 for a BFx from Tanhill Farm and South Biggart Farm. Fkv sold to 195p from Whitehill Farms, and Black and Whites to 163p from South Biggart, and 161p from Tanhill.

Beef Bullock per Head

0-350kg: £780 Mauldslie Mains, £770 Hillhouse.

351-400kg: £900 Scrogton, £860 Lee Meadow.

401-450kg: £990 Viewfield, £975 Cleughhead.

451-500kg: £1110 Netherurd Mains, £1060 Dyke.

501-550kg: £1220 Lammerlaw, £1180 Viewfield.

551-600kg: £1245 Bowridge, £1240 Netherurd Mains.

601-650kg: £1240 Darnhall, £1235 Burnetland.

650+kg: £1260 Coxhill.

Beef Bullock per Kilo

0-350kg: 237p Lawriesmuir, 228p Mauldslie Mains.

351-400kg: 232p Scrogton, 226p Lee Meadow.

401-450kg: 231p Viewfield, 227p Barr.

451-500kg: 224p Scrogton, 223p Netherurd Mains.

501-550kg: 222p Lammerlaw, 219p Netherurd Mains.

551-600kg: 218p Over Quarter, 213p Bowridge.

601-650kg: 206p Darnhall, 197p Burnetland.

650+kg: 186p Coxhill.

Beef Heifers per Head

0-350kg: £725 Lawriesmuir, £660 Mauldslie Mains.

351-400kg: £875 Whitehill Farms, £795 The Gair.

401-450kg: £960 Hillend, £920 Cleughhead.

451-500kg: £1060 Dyke, £1020 Whitehill Farms.

501-550kg: £1120 Darnhall, £1090 Mannerston.

551-600kg: £1265 Gillbank, £1120 Darnhall.

Beef Heifers per Kilo

0-350kg: 218p Lawriesmuir, 205p Mauldslie Mains.

351-400kg: 219p Whitehill, 208p The Gair.

401-450kg: 213p Hillend, 217p Dyke.

451-500kg: 223p Whitehill, 217p Dyke.

501-550kg:  214p South Carnduff, 204p Darnhall.

551-600kg: 216p Gillbank, 194p Darnhall.

Dairy Bred Bullocks

£855 Thinacre, £830 Whitehill, £810 Nether Skellyhill.









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