Sale Date: 20 Nov 2018 – Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd
Lanark Agricultural Centre

We had forward 506 Store Cattle. Bullocks sold to £1330 from Nisbet Farm, or to 224p from Oldhill Farm, Carluke, to average 191p. Heifers sold to £1170 from South Flakefield Farm, Chapelton, or to 210p from Townhead Farm, to average 180p. Dairy Bullocks topped at £750 from The Moy, Campbeltown.

Beef Bullock per Head

251-300kg: £560 & £550 Cauldcoates.

301-350kg: £700 Lawriesmuir, £670 Roberton Mains, £670 Greenlands.

351-400kg:  £740 Westtown, £720 Lyne, £710 Lawriesmuir.

401-450kg:  £870 Shotlinn, £835 Carskiey, £830 Newhouse.

451-500kg: £1095 Oldhill, £1010 Knevocklaw, £985 The Law.

501-550kg: £1130 Townhead, £1120 Kevocklaw, £1095 Broomhill.

551-600kg: £1190 Townhead, £1180 South Flakefield, £1160 Broomhill.

601+kg: £1330 Nisbet, £1225 Threestanes, £1180 South Flakefield.

Beef Bullock per Kilo

251-300kg: 209p Cauldcoates, 201p Brackenhurst.

301-350kg: 213p Lawriesmuir, 211p Greenlands, 206p Roberton Mains.

351-400kg: 197p The Thistle, 196p Lawriesmuir.

401-450kg: 194p Shotlinn, 194p Carskiey, 193p East Mains of Ballencrieff.

451-500kg: 224p Oldhill, 204p Knevocklaw.

501-550kg: 212p Townhead, 207p Knevocklaw & Nisbet.

551-600kg: 210p Townhead, 201p South Flakefield.

601-650kg: 215p Nisbet, 201p Threestanes.

Heifer per Head

200-300kg: £470 Brackenhurst, £460 Greenlands.

301-350kg: £575 Greenlands, £570 Mayfield, £540 Brackenhurst

351-400kg: £750 West Mains, £650 Loanfoot.

401-450kg: £900 Hazelside, £860 Oldhill & East Mains of Ballencrieff.

451-500kg: £990 Lawhead, £965 Busses, £960 Nisbet.

501-550kg: £1075 Townhead, £1070 Mayfield, £990 Townhead.

551-600kg: £1070 The Moy.

601+kg: £1170 South Flakefield.

Heifer per Kilo

200-300kg: 178p Brackenhurst.

301-350kg: 178p Mayfield & Brackenhurst.

351-400kg: 202p West Mains.

401-450kg: 203p Hazelside, 191p Oldhill.

451-500kg: 203p Oldhill, 202p Busses,200p Lawhead.

501-550kg: 210p Townhead, 206p Mayfield.

551-600kg: 180p The Moy.

601+kg: 194p South Flakefield.

Dairy Bullock

£750 The Moy, £695 Blackburn Mains, £690 Blackbog, £640 Holms of Caaf.

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