Sale Date: 6 Nov 2018 – Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd
Lanark Agricultural Centre

L&S sold 748 Store Cattle, Suckled Calves & Breeding Cattle at their fortnightly sale on Tuesday 6th November. 306 Bullocks sold to 237p/Kg to average 197.2p/Kg. 342 Heifers sold to 230p/Kg from Whitehill Farm, Gartcosh, to average 192.3p/Kg.

Beef Bullocks per Head

251-300kg: £540 Lawriesmuir.

301-350kg: £750 Threestanes, £720 Lawriesmuir.

351-400kg: £790 South Mains, £760 Hawksland, £760 Logan.

401-450kg: £950 Howford, £915 Logan, £900 Threestanes.

451-500kg: £1050 Threestanes, £1015 Addiewell, £980 Howford.

501-550kg: £1105 Gartcosh, £1090 Sandilands, £1080 Gartcosh.

551-600kg: £1205 Sandilands, £1170 Ledrishbeg, £1110 Addiewell.

600+kg: £1285 South Flakefield, £1280 Addiewell, £1265 Ledrishbeg.

Beef Bullocks per Kilo

251-300kg: 200p Lawriesmuir.

301-350kg: 237p Lawriesmuir, 215p Threestanes.

351-400kg: 210p South Mains, 204p Logan.

401-450kg: 215p Howford, 212p Craighead, 211p Logan.

451-500kg: 212p Threestanes, 210p Howford.

501-550kg: 211p Gartcosh, 206p Mossplatt, 205p Ledrishbeg.

551-600kg: 207p Sandilands, 200p Ledridshbeg.

600+kg: 192p Ledrishbeg.

Beef Heifer per Head

251-300kg: £500 Newlands.

301-350kg: £700 Lawriesmuir.

351-400kg: £785 Logan, £780 Wellhead, £765 Gartmillan.

401-450kg: £1020 Lochurd, £920 Lochurd, £870 Bickerton Hall.

451-500kg: £1090 Gartcosh, £1020 Yestermains.

501-550kg: £1060 Addiewell, £1060 South Mains, £1060 Mossplatt.

551-600kg: £1150 Whitesykes, £1020 South Flakefield.

Beef Heifer per Kilo

301-350kg: 223p Lawriesmuir.

351-400kg: 203p Howford, 203p Logan.

401-450kg: 228p Lochurd, 214p Lochurd, 210p Bickerton Hall.

451-500kg: 230p Gartcosh, 208p Bickerton Hall, 207p Yestermains.

501-550kg: 206p Mossplstt, 202p Yestermains, 202p Addiewell.

551-600kg: 197p Whitesykes.

Dairy Bullock per Head

£840 Hawksland, £710 Shotlinn, £705 Drumalea, £690 East Mains.

Dairy Bullock per Kilo

171p Hawksland, 149p Shotlinn, 148p Gowmacmorran.

Suckled Calves

Bullock per Head

£990 West Millrig, £980 Gillbank, £880 Whitesykes, £855 Auchrobert, £770 Drumbuie, £740 Galalaw.

Bullock per Kilo

238p Allanton, 235p Auchrobert, 236p Mid Uplaw, 267p Whitesykes.

Heifer per Head

£1040 Thripland, £880 Whitesykes, £690 Drumbuie.

Heifer per Kilo

242p Whitesykes, 211p South Mains.

Breeding Cattle

AAx Cows with Calves at Foot

£1220, £1090 & £1020 Strutherhead.

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