Sale Date: 22 Oct 2018

Lawrie & Symington Ltd
Lanark Agricultural Centre

Monday 22nd October

166 Cattle Sold 166

Limousin Heifer sold to 263p/Kg from David Dickinson, Brockwoodlees Farm, Canonbie, to W Wales Butchers, Kilmarnock. Limousin Bullock sold to 237p/Kg from Messrs Allison, Over Quarter Farm, Carluke, to Chapman Butchers, Wishaw. Beef Cow sold to £1205 from Messrs Teague, Buteland Farm, Balerno. Dairy cow sold to £965 from Messrs Mackie, Shotlinn Farm, Strathaven.

Heifer per Head

£1569 Todhall, £1508 Brockwoodlees, £1319 Hill, £1310 Howburn, £1225 Gilmeadowland.

Heifer per Kilo

263p, 261p & 206p Brockwoodlees, 251p & 250p Howburn, 242p Auchenstarry, 240p Todhall, 234p Hill.

Bullock per Head

£1568 Over Quarter, £1502 Todhall, £1477 Bushelhead, £1440 Birkwood Mains.

Bullock per Kilo

237p Over Quarter, 236p Bushelhead, 234p Todhall, 226p Oldhill.

Young Bulls

215p Strawfrank

Cast Bulls

£1100 Westmains

Beef Cow per Head

£1205 Buteland, £1145 South Arnloss, £1110 Birkwood Mains, £1075 Carstairs Mains.

Beef Cow per Kilo

140p Birkwood Mains, 129p Buteland & Carstairs Mains, 124p South Arnloss.

Dairy Cow per Head

£965 Shotlinn, £805 Midhill, £775 Roadhead

Dairy Cow per Kilo

116p Shotlinn, 113p Midhill.

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