Sale Date: 9 Oct 2018

Lawrie & Symington Ltd
Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 9th October

We had forward 638 Store Cattle. Bullocks averaged 200.4p/Kg, selling to 223p from Nether Abington Farm, Abington. Heifers averaged 191.3p/Kg, selling to 220p from Newmill Farm. Dairy bullock sold to £945 or 165p from Summerhouse Farm, Avonbridge, to average 135.2p.

Bullock per Head

301-350kg: £750 Knockdaw, £700 West Carnduff.

351-400kg: £855 Knockdaw, £815 Knockenhair, £805 Craighead.

401-450kg: £965 Bankhead, £960 Knockenhair, £940 South Quarter.

451-500kg: £1050 Nether Abington, £1020 Scrogton, £1000 Castlehill.

501-550kg: £1130 Nether Abington, £1100 East Forth, £1070 Gilmerton.

551-600kg: £1175 Darnhall, £1170 Kittochside, £1150 North Garngour.

601-650kg: £1190 Parklea, £1160 Summerhouse.

651+kg: £1205 Craig.

Bullock per Kilo

301-350kg: 217p Knockdaw, 202p Carmacoup.

351-400kg: 218p & 217p Knockdaw, 216p Craighead.

401-450kg: 222p Craighead, 219p Howslack, 218p Scrogton.

451-500kg: 223p Nether Abington, 215p Scrogton.

501-550kg: 208p Nether Abington, 207p East Forth, 203p Gilmerton.

551-600kg: 209p Kittochside, 206p North Garngour, 204p Darnhall.

601-650kg: 187p Parklea.

Heifer per Head

301-350kg: £650 Knockdaw.

351-400kg: £770 Kingside, £760 Howslack, £740 Couplaw.

401-450kg: £900 Bankhead, £875 Couplaw, £860 Scrogton.

451-500kg: £1080 Newmill, £1040 Knowetop, £1000 Howslack.

501-550kg: £1095 Knockenhair, £1000 Howes Way, £1000 Westertoun.

551-600kg: £1150 Darnhall, £1140 North Garngour, £1090 Howes Way.

601+kg: £1145 Couplaw.

Heifer per Kilo

301-350kg: 191p Knockdaw.

351-400kg: 204p Howslack, 197p Craighead.

401-450kg: 206p Bankhead, 203p South Quarter, 202p Howslack.

451-500kg: 220p Newmill, 219p Knowetop, 207p Bankhead.

501-550kg: 212p Knockenhair, 194p Howes Way, 192p Summerhouse.

551-600kg: 206p Darnhall, 199p North Garngour, 185p Howes Way.

601+kg: 190p Couplaw.

Dairy Bullock per Head

£945 & £855 & £835 Summerhouse, £810 Letham.

Dairy Bullock per Kilo

160p & 150p Summerhouse, 151p Letham.

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