Sale Date: 2 Oct 2018

Lawrie & Symington Ltd
Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 2nd October

L&S had 1588 cattle forward to their Autumn born Suckled Calf sale. Bullocks topped at £1350 for a British Blue x from Messrs McGarva, Nether Abington Farm, and to 271p/Kg from Messrs Hamilton, Pardovan, averaging at 218p/Kg. Heifers topped at £1490, again for a British Blue x from Nether Abington Farm, and to 290p/Kg from H Dunlop, Holehouse Farm, to average 217p/Kg.


(830) Bullock per Head

301-350kg: £690 Fisherton, £670 Gilmanscleugh.

351-400kg: £925 Fisherton, £870 Spango.

401-450kg: £1200 Sunnyside, £1190 Holehouse.

451-500kg: £1250 Nether Abington, £1210 Holehouse.

501-550kg: £1290 Pardovan, £1280 Holehouse.

551-600kg: £1350 Nether Abington, £1330 Hillend.

601-650kg: £1205 Netherhill, £1200 Greenshields.


Bullock per Kilo

301-350kg: 220p Fisherton.

351-400kg: 254p Fisherton, 221p Mafflat.

401-450kg: 271p Pardovan, 269p Sunnyside.

451-500kg: 261p Nether Abington, 245p Dreva.

501-550kg: 253p Holehouse, 236p Pardovan.

551-600kg: 238p Nether Abington, 233p Hillend.

601-650kg: 198p Netherhill, 192p Greenshields.


(758) Heifer per Head

301-350kg: £680 Fisherton, £640 Cloverhill.

351-400kg: £1020 Greenshields, £1015 Cloverhill.

401-450kg: £1200 Holehouse, £1140 Sunnyside.

451-500kg: £1340 Netherton, £1220 Holehouse.

501-550kg: £1320 Netherton, £1185 Greenshields.

551-600kg: £1340 Barr, £1300 Nether Abington.

601+kg: £1490 Nether Abington.


Heifer per Kilo

301-350kg: 198p Fisherton, 190p Cloverhill.

351-400kg: 265p Sunnyside, 264p Greenshields.

401-450kg: 290p Holehouse, 270p Sunnyside.

451-500kg: 270p Netherton, 266p Holehouse.

501-550kg: 262p Netherton, 233p Greenshields.

551-600kg: 233p Barr, 228p Nether Abington.

601+kg: 244p Nether Abington.



Peebles JAC had their Annual consignment of Suckled Calves forward. Top price was £1450 for a 744kg Charolais x from Neil Pate, Toxside Farm. Biggest weight gain was also achieved by Neil Pate at 428kg, with most profit being made by Adam Smellie, Hattonknowe making £535. Overall Placings were: 1st – Neil Pate, 2nd – Ben Welsh, 3rd – Adam Smellie.

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