Sale Date: 20 Sept 2018

Lawrie & Symington Ltd
Lanark Agricultural Centre

Thursday 20th September - Texel

L&S held their Annual Show & Sale of Texel Sheep on behalf of the Scottish Texel Club. At the show prior to the sale the judge, Mr Alan Mounsey, Wardhall Guards, awarded the championship to Forkins Bentley, sired by Scotsman Ace, consigned by Alistair Gault, Forkins Flock, Northern Ireland, which was sold for 2,800gns to J & H Clark, North Garngour. The reserve was consigned by W J Knox, Haddo, for Haddo Bentley, a ram lamb sired by Tamnamoney Applejack, which sold for 1,700gns to T & H Frame, Thinacre.

Principal Prices – Ram Lambs

1,900gns – A Gault, Forkins to D J McKerrow, Nochnary

1,600gns – W J Knox, Haddo to Ian Struthers, Craigend

1,400gns – G Gray, Ettrick to Messrs Wilson & Son, Newbank

1,200gns – A Gault, Forkins to J & A Struthers, Boyleston

1,000gns – D Morrison, Dalwyne to J McFarlane, Daldowie

1,000gns – A & G Howie, Knock to R Hamilton, Mid Shawtonhill

Shearling Rams

1,100gns – T A & R Laird, Cambwell to JP Smeaton, Craggan

850gns – T A & R Laird, Cambwell to JP Smeaton, Craggan

800gns – Parkhouse Farmers to W Dow, Dovecot


800gns – PJ & S Hammond, Tullylaggan to Messrs Wilson & Son, Newbank

700gns - PJ & S Hammond, Tullylaggan to Messrs Wilson & Son, Newbank


133 Ram Lambs av £511.61

16 Shearling Rams av £587.34

8 Gimmers av £465.94


Thursday 20th September - Beltex

The Annual Show & Sale of 311 pedigree Beltex sheep on behalf of Beltex Scotland was held in Lanark on Thursday with a very solid trade throughout, especially for the best end of stock on offer, with lesser end harder to cash. The pre-sale show was kindly sponsored by Fitzgerald Electrical, Lanark and ably judged by Mr Ross Williams, Blackjack, who awarded the championship to Messrs Taylor, Heatheryhall, for his 1st prize shearling, which went on to realise 3,800gns, selling in a split to C G Mair & Partners, Muirfield & K & R Buckle, Buckles.

The reserve male champion was awarded to the 1st prize ram lamb from Messrs Burleighs, Matt’s Flock, which went on to sell for 1,700gns, and found a new home with Mr Knight, Stephney Farm, Seascale.

The female championship and reserve overall was awarded to a Gimmer from Messrs Mair, Aviemore Flock, which realised 1,700gns, selling to Messrs Beacom, Lakeview, Ireland. The reserve female champion was from Messrs Cowan, Brickrow, which realised 300gns to Messrs Gregory, Feinblick, Lockerbie.

Shearling Rams

1st – Heatheryhall 3,800gns to Messrs Mair, Muirfield & Messrs Buckle, Buckles (Male & Overall Champion)

2nd – Tiree 2,100gns to Messrs Baillie, Carstairs Mains, Messrs Russell, Ashley & K O’Connor, Carstairs Junction

3rd – Lothian 1,050gns to Messrs Wright, West Lundie

4th – Muirton 820gns to Messrs Smith, Strathyre

5th – Woodurch 1,450gns to Messrs Stewart, Kinninmonth

Ram Lambs

1st Matt’s 1,700gns to Messrs Knight, Stephney (Reserve Male)

2nd - Glenpark 500gns to Messrs Patterson, Mossnae

3rd - Ivanhoe 1,800gns to Messrs Wood, Woolhillock

4th – Matt’s 1,150gns to Messrs Morton, Lochend

5th – Aviemore 500gns to Messrs Stuart, Leysbent


1st – Aviemore 1,700gns to G Beacom, Lakeview (Reserve Overall & Female Champion)

Reserve Female 2nd – Brickrow 300gns to Messrs Gregory, Feinblick

3rd – Muirton 620gns to Messrs Wood, Woolhillock

4th – Lothian 300gns to Messrs Taylor, Longfauld

5th – Osprey 600gns Messrs Gregory, Feinblick

Ewe Lambs

1st – Muirton 250gns Messrs Howieson, Lodge

2nd – Brickrow 320gns J Paterson, East Dykes

3rd – Brickrow 800gns Messrs McCulloch, Letham

Principal Prices


3,800, 1,250 & 1,200gns Southholm

2,100 & 1,000gns Isle of Tiree

1,700 & 1,000 gns Blackadder

1,550, 1,350 & 1,200gns Aviemore

1,450gns Flaws

1,300 & 1,250gns Todhall

1,200gns Mid Shawtonhill

1,050 & 1,000gns Bunting

1,050gns East Shawtonhill

Ram Lambs

1,800gns Beckhill

1,700, 1,150 & 900gns Burleigh

1,050, 550 & 500gns Lyonpark

1,000, 750 & 500gns Aviemore

880gns Easter Ochtermuthill

600gns Moss Road

520gns Greenaton

500gns Preston

500gns Merkland


1,700, 1,200, 900 & 700gns Aviemore

700 & 600gns Reid

620gns Muirton

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