Sale Date: 21 Aug 2018

Lawrie and Symington Ltd
Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 21st August

L & S had forward 760 Store & Breeding Cattle. Bullocks sold to 251p/Kg from Messrs Pirie, Blairnavaid (Laigh Park), Milngavie, or to a top price of £1260 from Messrs Connolly, Ladybank Farm, Girvan, to average 217.4p/Kg. Heifers sold to 252p/Kg from Messrs Pirie, Blairnavaid (Laigh Park), Milngavie, or to £1205 from Messrs Shearer, Burnbrae Farm, Strathaven, to average 208.1p/Kg. Dairy bullocks sold to 140.4p/Kg.

Beef Bullocks per Head
0-300kg: £700 St Johns Kirk, £610 Boag
301-350kg: £820 Bonnington Mains, £760 Woodlands, £755 St Johns Kirk
351-400kg: £1000 Blairnavaid (Laigh Park), £910 Titwood, £900 Blairnavaid (Laigh Park)
401-450kg: £1035 Burnbrae, £1025 Newtonhead, £1000 Blairnavaid (Laigh Park)
451-500kg: £1160 Newtonhead, £1115 Drochil Castle, £1105 Linnhead
501-550kg: £1260 Ladybank, £1230 Greenhill, £1215 Ladybank
551-600kg: £1205 Ladybank, £1175 Newtonhead, £1160 Wintermuir
601-650kg: £1230 Greenhill

Beef Bullocks per Kilo
0-300kg: 233p St Johns Kirk
301-350kg: 234p Bonnington Mains, 231p St Johns Kirk, 230p Woodlands
351-400kg: 251p Blairnavaid (Laigh Park), 242p & 235p Titwood
401-450kg: 234p Linnhead, 233p Howford, 233p Blairnavaid (Laigh Park)
451-500kg: 237p Newtonhead, 227p St Johns Kirk, 226p Whitehill
501-550kg: 233p & 231p Ladybank, 225p Greenhill
551-600kg: 218p Ladybank, 210p Wintermuir

Beef Heifers per Head
0-300kg: £640 Woodlands, £615 St Johns Kirk,
301-350kg: £810 Blairnavaid (Laigh Park), £705 St Johns Kirk
351-400kg: £855 Burnbrae, £840 Linnhead, £830 Bonnington Mains
401-450kg: £1100 Stonebyres, £980 Whitehill, £965 Whitehill
451-500kg: £1160 Corramore, £1130 & £1080 Malletsheugh
501-550kg: £1205 Burnbrae, £1170 Ladybank, £1165 Burnbrae
551-600kg: £1190 Malletsheugh,£1190 Coxhill, £1155 Craigthorn

Beef Heifers per Kilo
200-250kg: 174p Woodlands
251-300kg: 218p Woodlands, 205p St Johns Kirk, 195 Woodlands
301-350kg: 252p & 234p Blairnavaid (Laigh Park), 211p Bonnington Mains
351-400kg: 224p Blairnavaid (Laigh Park), 221p Bonnington Mains, 215p Burnbrae
401-450kg: 249p Stonebyres, 222p & 221p Whitehill
451-500kg: 242p Malletsheugh, 234p Corramore, 228p Whitehill
501-550kg: 223p Ladybank, 222p Burnbrae, 221p Ladybank
551-600kg: 211p Coxhill, 205p Malletsheugh, 199p Craigthorn

Dairy Bullock per Head
£840, Craigthorn, £800 Whitehill, £775 Dechmont, £740 Broomknowes

Dairy Bullock per Kilo
159p Boag, 154p Whitehill, 143p Broomknowes, 142p Craigthorn

Heifers with Calves at Foot
£1780 Newtonhead, £1620 Fleminghill

Cows with Calves at Foot
£1780 & £1750 Newtonhead

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