Sale Date: 24 Aug 2018

Friday 24th August 2018 Store Lambs, Feeding Ewes, Show and Sale Scotch Mules Wedder Lambs
Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 1019 store lambs and 535 feeding and cast ewes at their weekly sale on Friday, which also included a show and sale for mule Wedder lambs which was kindly sponsored by the Scottish mule sheep breeders association. The show was judged by W Shearer, Strathaven who awarded the championship to an outstanding pen from The Firm of Shaw Head which went to realise £76.50 selling to Mr R Lawson.
All classes of store lambs were dearer on the week as the grass begins to grow and many more could now be sold to sellers advantage as more buyers are on the markets .
Out with the show, the sale topped at £74 for beltex Lamb from Holm Farm.
Principle Prices ;
Tex - £69, £67.50, £55 Thorneyhills
Char - £58 Munro
Bel - £64 Haswellsykes
Mules £76.50, £73.50 Shawhead, £67.50 & £57.50 Easter Manuel, £56.50 Crookboat & Nisbet, £54.50 Burnton & Nisbet

Ewes again met a good selling trade in comparison to most sales this week and more could be sold to advantage. The sale topped at £120 for Tex from Greyside and £110 for Tex from Yeldabrek, Orkney.
Principle prices;
Tex - £120 Greyside, £110 Yeldabrek, £105 Greyside, £104 & £99 Yeldabrek
SX - £92 & £81 Greyside
Char - £89 Yeldabrek
Bdm - £105 Northfield, £75 Carstairs Mains
X - £80 & £66 Bridgeview, £68 Spittle
BF - £43 Blackside
Hw - £19 Westloch
Shet - £28 & £17 Fingland

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