Sale Date:18 Sept 2018

Lawrie & Symington Ltd
Lanark Agricultural Centre
Tuesday 18th September

We had forward 1358 Store Cattle. Bullocks sold to £1440 from Lochurd Farm, West Linton, or to 245p/Kg from Allanton Farm, Darvel, to average 205.1p/Kg. Heifers sold to £1285 from Lochurd Farm, or to 249p/Kg from Allanton Farm, to average 200.1p/Kg. Dairy Bullock sold to £980 from Over Kypeside, Lesmahagow, to average 140.3p/Kg.

Bullock per Kilo
251-300kg: 205p Kilwhipnach.
301-350kg: 204p Killarow, 202p Mauldslie Mains.
351-400kg: 245p Allanton, 228p South Muasdale, 226p Parkerston.
401-450kg: 240p Allanton, 238p Powflatts, 225p Oldhill.
451-500kg: 239p Calton, 236p Allanton, 229p Benthead.
501-550kg: 234p Lochurd, 232p Allanton, 228p Oldhill, 225p Allanton.
551-600kg: 215p Crosswoodhill, 210p Hareshawhead.
601-650kg: 205p Lochurd.
651+kg: 216p Lochurd.

Bullock per Head
251-300kg: £600 Kilwhipnach.
301-350kg: £710 Killarow, £690 Draffan.
351-400kg: £960 Allanton, £875 Mayfield, £850 Parkerston.
401-450kg: £1045 Powflatts, £1000 Oldhill, £995 Howes Way, £980 Calton.
451-500kg: £1190 Allanton, £1085 Crosswoodhill, £1080 Benthead, £1070 Torbrex.
501-550kg: £1290 Lochurd, £1230 Oldhill, £1200 Allanton, £1195 Newbyre.
551-600kg: £1225 Hareshawhead, £1195 Crosswoodhill, £1185 Burnbrae.
601-650kg: £1255 Lochurd, £1250 South Flakefield, £1110 Knowetop.
651+kg: £1440 & £1260 Lochurd, £1180 Knowetop.

Heifer per Kilo
301-350kg: 213p South Muasdale.
351-400kg: 240p Crosswoodhill, 230p Allanton, 223p Mayfield.
401-450kg: 242p Allanton, 227p Crosswoodhill, 223p Allanton.
451-500kg: 249p Allanton, 218p Oldhill, 215p Midlock.
501-550kg: 218p Midlock, 216p Powflatts, 214p Skeoch.
551-600kg: 220p Powflatts, 219p Skeoch, 211p Midlock.
601+kg: 207p Lochurd.

Heifer per Head
301-350kg: £740 South Muasdale.
351-400kg: £915 Crosswoodhill, £865 Allanton, £850 Ramoan.
401-450kg: £1050 Allanton, £975 Crosswoodhill, £945 Torbrex.
451-500kg: £1165 Allanton, £1055 Oldhill, £1040 Midlock.
501-550kg: £1140 Skeoch, £1140 Oldhill, £1130 Midlock, £1115 Powflatts.
551-600kg: £1265 Powflatts, £1215 Skeoch, £1180Midlock.
601+kg: £1285 Lochurd.

Dairy Bullock per Head
£980 Over Kypeside, £860 Park O Barnaigh, £795 Haspielaw, £785 Cromlet.

Dairy Bullock per Kilo
179p Over Kypeside, 161p Cromlet, 158p Park O Barnaigh, 152p Muldron, 149p Gatehead.

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