Show and Sale of Texel Sheep – Thursday 14th September 2023

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

14th September 2023

Lawrie and Symington Ltd conducted the Annual Show and Sale of Texel Sheep on behalf of the Scottish Texel Sheep Breeders Club when they had forward 145 Texel Rams, Ram Lambs and Gimmers. A great trade prevailed resulting in a 95% clearance.

The Championship was awarded to Robert Struthers, Collielaw for a Ram Lamb that was later sold for 2800 gns to Wester Walston and Townhead Flocks. The reserve which was awarded to Andrew Clark’s Teiglum Flock which was sold form 1900 gns to Messrs Morgan, Whitchurch.

Show Results:

Judge: Mr David Henderson, Arran

Sponsor: Agrimin

Class 2: Shearling Ram (4 forward)

1st Lot 379 from Wolfclyde

2nd Lot 362 from Cambwell

3rd Lot 366 (Sub) from Cambwell

4th Lot 364 from Murrtex

Class 3: Ram Lamb (19 forward)

1st Lot 389 from Collielaw

2nd Lot 419 from Teiglum

3rd Lot 509 from Knap

4th Lot 499 from Overburns

Class 4: Group of Three (3 forward)

1st Teiglum with Lots 419, 420, 424

2nd Collielaw

3rd Knap

Class 5: Gimmer (4 forward)

1st Lot 547 from Harene

2nd Lot 550 (Sub) from Garngour

3rd Lot 555 from Floors

4th Lot 559 from Auchensale

Champion: Lot 389 from Collielaw

Reserve: Lot 419 from Teiglum

Other Principal Prices:

Shearling Rams:

1000 gns              R M Johnstone, Boghouse

950 gns                TA & R Laird, Cambwell

900 gns                R M Johnstone, Boghouse

Ram Lambs:

2800 gns              R & M Struthers, Collielaw

2200 gns              R Cockburn, Hill of Errol

2200 gns              I Struthers, Collielaw

1900 gns              A J Clark, Blackhill

1600 gns              D Gray, Sunnycroft

1600 gns              R Cockburn, Hill of Errol

1400 gns              A J Clark, Blackhill

1400 gns              H Griffies, Drumalbin

1300 gns              D & J McKerrow, Uppermill


12 Shearling Rams averaged £739.38

123 Ram Lambs averaged £678.06

The firm also conducted a number of Dispersal and Reduction Sales when they had forward a further 158 Texel Sheep. A large attendance of buyers ensured a great trade for all flocks.

Craighead Flock: - On Behalf of Messrs J Cullen

40 averaged £1173.37

Ewes to                3,200 gns to N. Woodmas, Hareme

2,800 gns to M. Coubrough, Hartside

1,400 gns to R. Johnstone, Boghouse

Gimmers to        7,000 gns to A. Clark, Teiglum and R & N Barcley, Harestone

2,000 gns to G. Gray, Ellrick

1,900 gns to J. McGregor, Allanfauld

1,700 gns to D. Clark, Lee Meadow

Ewe Lambs to    1,100 gns to M. Jackson, Wolfclyde

Crailloch Flock: - On Behalf of Messrs A & H McColm

28 averaged £811.88

Ewes to                1,800 gns to AD & SA Campbell, Crawlaw

1,500 gns to AD & SA Campbell, Crawlaw

1,300 gns to R Hamilton, Crewburn

Gimmers to        1,700 gns to WJ Clark & Son, Upper Bolton

1,000 gns to R & M Sruthers, Collielaw

1,000 gns to T & A Cockburn, Kingside

Ewes to               1,700 gns to R Laird, Cambwell

Rusha Flock: - On Behalf of J W Gibb & Son

23 averaged £559.24

Gimmers to        1,000 gns to WJ Clark & Son, Upper Bolton

850 gns to P. Gray, Scrogtonhead

Greenbank Flock: - On Behalf of A Struthers

25 averaged £459.90

Gimmers to        1,000 gns to A Baillie, Carstairs Mains

700 gns to PG Perring, Hoprig

Knockem Flock: On Behalf of C & J Nicholson

12 averaged £726.25

Gimmers to        1,000 gns to A Brown & Son, Kirkhill

1,000 gns to A Brown & Son, Kirkhill

850 gns to RE Harrison, Shap

Auchencorth Flock: - On Behalf of G Brown

16 avereaged £482.34

Gimmers to        900 gns to KR & JMA Gauld, Cairn

Muirtex Flock: - On Behalf of T Murray

11 averaged £631.81

Ewes to                1,400 gns to RW Wylie & Co, Ladyurd

900 gns to Mrs M MacNiven, Glenfarg

Gimmers to        700 gns to H & J Kirkland, Barmickhill

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