Solantel Kelso Ram Sale 2023 – Ring 15 – Bluefaced Leicesters Report

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

8th September 2023


In Ring 15 the Bluefaced Leicester trade was fast from start to finish with the sheep as strong as ever. Best crossing types in high demand selling at a top of £13,000 from Messrs Ridley, Shitlington Hall to Messrs Marston, Millstone Moor.

Ram Lambs topped a t £2800 from Messrs Pirie, Blarnvaid selling to Messrs Kay, Hartside, Lammermuir.

Shearling Average - £1455

Lamb Average - £970

Top Pen Average was £2900 from Messrs Brown, MacQueston

Principal Prices:


£13,000 Ridley, Shitlington Hall to Marston, Millstone Moor

£6,500 Brown, MacQueston to Campbell, Overburn

£6,200 Sharp & Son, Newbigging Walls to Cowie, Scollys Cross & Williams, Ranna & Millican, Newton of Hassiewells

£6,200 Wight & Son, Midlock to Nisbet, Orchardton & Fergusson, Dykeneuk

£5,500 Ridley, Shitlington Hall to Cameron, Woodhall

£4,200 Pirie, Barnavaid to Shennan & Sons, North Therve

£3,800 Campbell, Easter Happrew to The Firm of Shawhead

£3,400 Sharp & Sons, Newbigging Walls to Chirmorrie Enterprises

£3,200 Thornborrow, Easter Dawyck to Guild, Ashmark

£3,000 Wight & Son, Midlock to Atkinson, Sykes

£3,000 Brown, MacQueston to Dunlop & Son, Pinvalley


£2,800 Pirie, Blarnavaid to Kay & Sons, Hartside

£1,300 Ridley, Shitlington Hall to Brown, Manor

£1,200 Ridley, Shitlington Hall to Cameron, Woodhall

£1,100 Thornborrows, Easter Dawyck to Mitchell, Badentoul

£1,000 Thornborrows, Easter Dawyck to Gartincaber Farms

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