Solantel Kelso Ram Sale 2023 – Ring 9 – Texels Report

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

8th September 2023


Texels met a flying trade with a 96% clearance in Ring 9. Rams with good tops and ends were in great demand with both commercial and pedigree flockmasters eager to purchase good quality Rams. The ring topped at £36,000 for a Shearling from Messrs Clark, Blackhill selling to Messrs Slater, Dandy, with lambs to £2,000 from MessrsMacGregor, Allanfauld selling to Messrs Hudson, Brocklebank Cottage.

Principal Prices:


£36,000 Clark, Blackhill to Slater, Dandy

£22,000 Wight, Midlock to Hartside Farms & Clark, North Garngour

£16,000 Procters Farm Ltd to Halbeath Farm Ltd

£12,000 Laird, Cambwell to Kennedy, Mitchellhill & Dalchirla Farms Ltd

£12,000 Wight, Midlock to Jones, Graig Goch

£10,000 MacGregor, Allanfauld to Renwick & Sons, Blackhouse & Renwick & Sons, Craig Douglas

£9,000 MacGregor, Dyke to Wight, Midlock


£2,000 MacGregor, Allanfauld to Hudson, Brocklebank Cottage

£1,100 MacGregor, Allanfauld to Byrnes, Nether Oldwhat

£1,100 Procter Farms Ltd to Whitecross, Clarabad

£850 Laird, Cambwell to Lang, Starr

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