Solantel Kelso Ram Sale 2023 – Ring 3 – Crossbred Report

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

8th September 2023


In Ring 3 Rams with scale, tight skins and shape were in huge demand with the Lawrie and Symington consignment to prime at £1300 on 4 occasions with Simon Turkingtons Beltex X Charolais Rams meeting huge commercial demand and hitting the high notes 3 times and Brian Ryder pick of the pen also hitting £1300. Many more quality Crossbred Rams are required for next years sale.

Principal Prices:


£1300 (3 Times) Turkington, West Lodge South to Metcalf, The Grange & Gill, Stonewaite & Callander, Ox Eye

£1300 & £1100 Ryder, Newton Cottage to Fotheringham, Ballinloan

£1000 Turkington, West Lodge South to Slater, Whiteley Hey

£1000 Ryder, Newton Cottage to Duncan, Blairfad

£950 Turkington, West Lodge South to Slater, Whiteley

£950 Struthers, Collielaw to Shearer & Son, East Revoch

£950 West Lodge South to Hyslop, Kilfillan

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