Store Cattle: Tuesday 11th July 2023

Lawrie & Symington Ltd / Lanark Agricultural Centre


Tuesday 11th July 2023


Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 86 Store Cattle.


Bullocks sold to 294.1p/kg for a Limousin X off Mayfield to average 250.6p/kg.


Heifers sold to 261.6p/kg for a Charolais X off Dovecot to average 238.6p/kg.


Dairy Bullocks sold to 236.8p/kg for British Friesians off Tanhill to average 230p/kg.


Principle Prices:

Bullocks per head

AA x - £1310 Craigthornhill and Tanhill, £1200 Woodhouse (Manor), £1100 Craighead (Carluke), £1070 Craigthornhill, £1050 Dovecot.

Her x - £1050 The Law.

High - £1000 Biggins.

Lim x - £1140 The Law, £1110 and £1010 Sweetbit.

Char x - £1150 The Law, £1100 Craighead (Carluke) and Dovecot, £1160 Craighead (Carluke).

Sim x - £1110 The Law.

BRB x – £1380 Sherifflatts, £1295 Craigthorn.


Bullocks per kilo

AA x – 286.4p Woodhead (Manor), 268.3p Craighead (Carluke), 230.3p Dovecot, 229.8p Tanhill.

Her x – 232.3p Tanhill.

High – 209.9p Biggins.

Lim x – 294.1p and 262.3p Mayfield, 259p and 252.8p Sweetbit.

Char x – 280.6p and 269.7p Craighead (Carluke), 267p Dovecot, 256.7p The Law.

Sim x – 234.2p The Law.

BRB x – 253.7p Sherifflatts, 232.9p Craigthorn.


Heifers per head

AA x - £1330 Sherifflatts, £1160 and £1110 Craigthornhill, £1000 The Law, £990 Dovecot.

Char x - £1080 (twice) The Law, £1070 Dovecot.

Lim x - £1260 Craigthorn, £1140, £1090, and £1000 Dovecot.

Her x - £990 The Law.

BRB x - £1245 Craigthorn.

Sim x - £1080 and £980 The Law.


Heifers per kilo

AA x – 235.7p Dovecot, 230.5p Sherifflatts, 211.4p The Law.

Her x – 221p The Law.

Lim x – 260.9p, 260.4p and 248.9p Dovecot, 232.4p Mayfield, 231p Craigthorn.

Char x – 261.6p Dovecot, 241.1p and 233.3p The Law.

Sim x – 233.3p and 231.1p The Law.

BRB x – 232.7p Craigthorn.


Dairy Bullocks per head

Fries - £1300 and £1210 Tanhill.

Hol - £1030 Craigthornhill.


Dairy Bullocks per kilo

Fries – 236.8p and 229.7p Tanhill.

Hol – 182.6p Craigthornhill.


Top Price Bullocks (per head/per kilo)

0-300kg: £700 Mayfield; 294.1p Mayfield.

351-400kg: £1100 (twice) Craighead (Carluke); 280.6p (twice) Craighead (Carluke)

401-450kg: £1200 Woodhouse (Manor); 286.4p Woodhouse (Manor)

451-500kg: £1100 The Law; 234.2p The Law.

501-550kg: £1380 Sherifflatts; 253.7p Sherifflatts.

551-600kg: £1310 Tanhill, 232.9 Craigthorn.


Top Price Heifers (per head/per kilo)

0-300kg: £660 Mayfield; 232.4p Mayfield

351-400kg: £1000 Dovecot; 260.4p Dovecot.

401-450kg: £1140 Dovecot; 261.6p Dovecot.

451-500kg: £1080 The Law; 233.3p The Law.

501-550kg: £1260 Craigthorn; 233p Craigthorn.

551-600kg: £1330 Sherifflatts; 230.5p Sherifflatts.


Next Sale: Tuesday 25th July

Contact one of the sales team below to advise entries.



Primrose Beaton: 07717 503841

Sandy Moore: 07747 443260

Mungo Guthrie: 07785 901977

Lucy Pittendrigh: 07467 863168

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