Store Lambs 04th November 2022

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

 4th November 2022

 Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 661 Store Lambs of all classes at their weekly sale. Strong short keep lambs continue to meet a good demand with trade being topped at £96.50 for a pen of Suffolk Crosses from Messrs Guinan, Linwater.

Tex £96 Greens Road, £95 High Crewburn, £94 Greens Road, £90 Linwater, £89 High Crewburn, £85 Brownrigg, £83 Greens Road, £80 Ferniehaugh Est, £79 Linwater.

BF £60, £55, £50 Queensbury Farming, Mitchellslacks.

SUF £96.50 10 Stonebyres, £76 Linwater, £70 10 Stonebyres.

NCC £78.50 Brownrigg.

CHEV £79 Ferniehaugh Est.


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