THURSDAY 17th September 2020 – STSBC Texel Rams

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Thursday 17th September

Lawrie and Symington held their Annual Sale for The Scottish Texel Sheep Breeders Club when 105 Texel Rams were offered for sale.  Despite a good harvest day a good attendance of buyers ensured a good trade throughout.

The sale was topped at 1500gns for a lamb ram from Harry Griffies, Cairngryffe Flock, which was purchased by Clark Stewart, Kininmonth.  Following this was 1400gns for a Shearling Ram from Nochnary Flock of David McKerrow being purchased by Brian Ryder, Newton.

Principal Prices

Shearling Rams

1400gns – Nochnary

750 & 580gns – Cambwell

500gns (twice) – Boghouse

500gns – Greenbank

Lamb Rams

1500gns – Cairngryffe

950 & 700gns – Noresk

950 & 800gns (twices) – Garngour

900 & 800gns – Easterseat

900gns – Cowal

720gns – Benwillen


10 Shearling Rams av £641.55

74 Ram Lambs av £439.01



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