Thursday 5th November 2020 Final Fling Report

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Thursday 5th November

The Annual ‘Final Fling’ sale of 620 rams of all classes in Lanark on Thursday 5th November saw a flying trade in all breeds from start to finish with fewer rams presented than normal years.

In Ring 1

A smaller than usual show of Blackface rams saw a buoyant trade throughout and short of requirements with men who supported the sale justly rewarded.

The sale topped at £2500 for a shearling from Ramsay, Milnmark selling to W Tod, Glenshanna, Langholm.

Lambs topped at £500 from Robson, Tofthouse selling to Brown, Clachaig.  Bluefaced Leicesters were also well short of requirements and topped at £800 for a shearling from Hamilton, Kirkton of Crawford and going to Shanks, Weston.

Lambs sold to £450 from McArthur, Cretlevane selling to Kerr, Middleton.

A small selection of Cheviot rams topped at £500 from Tennant, Gilmanscleugh to Laidler, West Handaxwood.

In Ring 2

The Beltex, Crossbred, Texel and Suffolk rams on offer were keenly bid for from the start to finish with fewer on offer than in normal years.

Texel shearlings topped at £800 twice, firstly from Howieson, Croft and then from Pate, Toxside, both selling to Bain, Ballagan.

Texel  2 Shear to £750 from Tough, Easterseat sold to Simpson, Kirkhouse.

Ram lambs to £480 from Parkin, Lower Daviesdyke to Paterson, Middlepart.

Beltex shearling topped at £650 from Thomson, Tulloch to Smith, Logan.

Beltex lambs to £420 from K O’Connor, Woodside going to Bain, Ballagan.

Suffolk rams were in strong demand topping at £720 from Frame, Craigthornhill selling to Knock Farms, Highfield.

Lambs to £400 from Ryan Adamson, Swaites to Young, Lochhill.

Principal Prices in Ring 1:

Blackface Shearlings

Milnmark £2500

Williamhope £1300, £950, £650

Gosland £1300

Blackface Ram Lamb

Tofthouse £500

Shawsknowe  £500

Cheviot Shearlings

Gilmanscleugh £500, £420 Gilmanscleugh

 North Country Cheviot Lambs

Woodlands£400, £300

Hillhead £300

Bluefaced Leicester Shearlings

Kirkton of Crawford £800, £680

Hartside, £780, £640 , £550

Dreva £780, £720

Cherryfield £680, £620

Bluefaced Leicester Lambs

Cretlevane £450, £380, £350

Auchenbart £350

Principal Prices in Ring 2:

 Texel Shearlings

The Croft £800

Toxside £800, £780, £700 x2, £620

Cambwell £720, £650

High Crewburn £700

Cherryfield £580

Texel Ram Lambs

Lower Daviesdykes £480, £450 x2

Cambwell £450, £400

Silvermuir £420

Strawfrank £400

Midlock £400

Broomknowes £400

The Croft £400

 Texel Aged Ram

£750 Easterseat

Beltex Shearlings

Tulloch £650, £520

Collielaw £550, £520 x2, £450

Walkerdyke £550

Ruecastle Cottage £500

Lochend £500

Southholm £450

Beltex Lambs

Woodside £420

Felton £350

Mid Brockloch £300

Beltex Aged Rams

Lochend £350

Suffolk Shearlings

Craigthornhill £720

Toxside £580 x2, £450

Nettlingflat £420

Suffolk Lambs

Swaites £400

Craigthornhill £380, £350 x2

Suffolk Aged Rams

Broomknowes £400

Beltex x Shearlings

Southholm £480

Lawhead £420, £400

Kirkton of Crawford £400

Beltex x Lambs

Carse of Clary £320 x2, £300 x3

Mid Brockloch £320

Blue Texel Shearlings

Gateside £350

Blue Texel Lambs

Gateside £280, £250

Strawfrank £280 x2

Millside £250


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