Tuesday 10th March 2020 – Sale of Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 10th March

Lawrie and Symington sold 265 Store Cattle.

Bullocks topped at £1155 for a Limousin x from Parkgatestone, or to 243.6 p/kg for a Limousin from Auchren, to average 217.7 p/kg.  Heifers peaked at £1105 for a Blonde D’Acquataine from Townhead Croft, or to 238.8p for a Limousin from Auchren, to level at 210.3 p/kg

Dairy bullocks averaged 161 p/kg


0 – 350kg: £810 Auchren; 243.6p Auchren

351-400kg: £850 Auchren; 236.1p Auchren

401-450kg: £990 Dillars ; 225.2p Tomaig

451-500kg: £1045 Sandilands; 219p Dillars

501-550kg: £1150 Millwell; 219.5p Millwell

551-600kg: £1155 Parkgatestone; 206.3p Parkgatestone



0-350kg:£790 Greenlands; 238.8p Auchren

401-450kg: £950 Millwell; 220.1p Millwell

451-500kg:£1010 Townhead; 212.9p Millwell

501-550kg:£1105 Townhead Croft; 210.3p Dillars

551-600kg:£1100 Townhead Croft; 193.8p Sandilands

 Dairy Bullocks

 Per head

£930 Haspielaw, £905 Bottoms

 Per Kilo

183p Midhill, 160p Whitecraigs


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