Tuesday 13th April 2021 – Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 13TH April

Lawrie and Symington had 1139 Store Cattle forward to the fortnightly sale.

Bullocks topped at £1485 for a 644kg Charolais from Crookboat, or to 345.8p/kg for a pen of 2 214kg Simmentals from Craighead, Mauchline, to average 248.6p/kg.

Heifers peaked at £1390 for a 508kg Limousin from Drumalbin, or to 359.6p/kg for a pen of 4 224kg Limousins from Craighead, Mauchline, to average 239.3p/kg.

Dairy Bullocks peaked at £1100 from Dykehead to average 200.3p/kg.


0-250kg: £740 Craighead, Mauchline ; 345.8p Craighead, Mauchline

251-300kg: £895 Craighead, Mauchline ; 325.5p Craighead, Mauchline

301-350kg: £990 Kirkwood ; 303.2p Lawriesmuir

351-400kg: £1040 Easton ; 277.8p Lawriesmuir

401-450kg: £1170 North Carrine ; 269.4p Blackhill

451-500kg: £1240 Townhead ; 266.7p Townhead

501-550kg: £1345 Townhead ; 256.2p Townhead

551-600kg: £1345 Hareshawhill ; 234.3p Hareshawhill

601-650kg: £1485 Crookboat ; 230.6p Crookboat

651+kg: £1420 Floors ; 204.3p Floors


0-250kg: £790 Craighead, Mauchline ; 359.6p Craighead, Mauchline

251-300kg: £800 Lawriesmuir ; 297.7p Kilbucho Place

301-350kg: £900 Bickerton Hall ; 271.1p Bickerton Hall

351-400kg: £1090 Hillend ; 280.9p Hillend

401-450kg: £1370 Buteland ; 335.8p Buteland

451-500kg: £1205 Lawhead ; 246.8p West Carnduff

501-550kg: £1390 Drumalbin ; 273.6p Drumalbin

551+kg: £1290 Dykehead ; 223.2p Dykehead

Dairy Bullocks per head

£1065 North Bankhead, £1030 Thinacre, £1020 Kilburn, £990 Tanhill, Over Kypeside & Broomknowes, £980 & £975 Haspielaw

Dairy Bullocks per kilo

216p Thinacre, 215p Gibblaston, 210p Tanhill, 206p Gibblaston & Broomknowes, 204p Crookedstone & Kilburn, 203p Over Kypeside, 200p North Bankhead



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