Tuesday 13th July 2021 – Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

 Tuesday 13th July
Lawrie and Symington Ltd had forward 195 store cattle at their fortnightly sale.
Bullocks topped at £1295 for a 576kg Limousin from Cornhill, or to 243.1p for a 504kg Limousin from Ramoan to average 220.3p/kg.
Heifers peaked at £1185 for a 564kg British Blue heifer from Bottoms, or to 265.7p/kg for a 414kg Limousin from Dovecot, to level at 218.9p/kg.
Dairy bullocks topped at £1160 from Bottoms to average 184.7p.
0-300kg: £600 Drumboy ; 222.2p Drumboy
301-350kg: £810 Drumboy ; 238.9p Kilmaho
351-400kg: £900 Kilmaho ; 232p Kilmaho
401-450kg: £970 Gillbank ; 228.2p Ramoan
451-500kg: £1095 Wester Highgate ; 235p Wester Highgate
501-550kg: £1240 Cornhill ; 243.1p Ramoan
551-600kg: £1295 Cornhill ; 224.8p Cornhill
601 +kg: £1160 Bottoms ; 191.1p Bottoms
0-300kg: £500 Drumboy ; 183.8p Drumboy
301-350kg: £740 Knowehead ; 212p Knowehead
351-400kg: £890 Haswellsykes & Dovecot ; 230p Haswellsykes
401-450kg: £1100 Dovecot ; 265.7p Dovecot
451-500kg: £1020 Ladyurd ; 220.9p Wester Highgate
501-550kg: £1180 Drumalea ; 217.8p Wester Highgate
551-+kg: £1185 Bottom ; 210.1p Bottoms
Dairy per head
£1065, £1060 Bottoms, £1050, £1005, £990 Drumalea, £965 Wester Highgate
Dairy per kilo
197.3p Wester Highgate, 196.7p, 193p Drumalea, 191p, 188p Bottoms, 186p, 182p Drumalea, 181p Garelwood
Our next sale of store cattle will be held on
Tuesday 27th July 2021
Please Contact:
Primrose Beaton: 07717 503841
Sandy Moore: 07747 443260
Mungo Guthrie: 07785 901977
Amy Haddow: 07544 161900

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