Friday 15th January – Store Sheep Report

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre


15th January 2021




Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 435 store lambs & Feeding Ewes at their first sale of the year.

Prime Hoggs a lot deaerer with todays store trade Following. The sale was topped at £110 (Twice) for Beltex from Messer D Anderson, Upper Muirhouse Farm and for Suffolk X from Messer I Walker, Hills of Dalserf Farm.


All Classes of Hoggs were in demand today. BF Topped at £80.50 from Messers D Anderson, Upper Muirhouse Farm


Principal Prices:


TEX - £107 Hills of Dalserf, £106 Auldstoun, £101 Auldtoun, £96.50 Auldtoun, £95 March Cottage

BEL - £110 Upper Muirhouse, £107 Dykehead, £103 Dykehead

BF - £80.50 Upper Muirhouse, £73.50 Easter Howgate, £68 Upper Muirhouse, £60 Easter Howgate

SUF - £105 Dykehead, £90 Hills of Dalserf, £74 Hodge Plant, £60 Muldron

CHE - £98 Muldron, £76 Upper Muirhouse

X - £110 Hills of Dalserf, £95 March Cottage, £95 Upper Muirhouse, £91 Auldton

HW - £55 Westloch

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