Tuesday 16th February 2021 – Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 16th February

Lawrie and Symington sold 809 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale.

Bullocks topped at £1350 for a 644kg Charolais from Crofthills, or to 283.3p for a pen of Aberdeen Angus from Baillieshall, to average 227.61p/kg.

Heifers peaked at £1255 twice, firstly for a Charolais from Crofthills and then again for a British Blue from Tinto View, or to 257.8p for a pen of Shorthorns from Woodlands (Lesmahagow) to level at 223.54p/kg.

Dairy Bullocks topped at £1180 for a British Friesian from The Law, to average 190.93p/kg.


0-250kg: £680 Baillieshall ; 276.4p Baillieshall

251-300kg: £765 Baillieshall ; 283.3p Baillieshall

301-350kg: £870 Morningside ; 266.8p Lawriesmuir

351-400kg: £1040 West Torphin ; 271.3p Cumberhead

401-450kg: £1100 Craighead ; 257p Craighead

451-500kg: £1160 Linnhead ; 239.1p Wester Hassockrigg

501-550kg: £1250 Dunsyre Mains ; 234.1p Dunsyre Mains

551-600kg: £1335 Hamildean ; 229.4p Hamildean

601 +kg: £1350 Crofthills ; 210.4p Crofthills


0-250kg: £580 Greenhead ; 237.7p Greenhead

251-300kg: £660 Woodlands ; 257.8p Woodlands

301-350kg: £790 Knevocklaw ; 237.6p Knevocklaw

351-400kg: £990 West Torphin ; 255.2p West Torphin

401-450kg: £1050 Netherton ; 242.9p Bickerton Hall

451-500kg: £1205 Hamildean ; 242p Hamildean

501-550kg: £1250 Underlaw ; 240.8p Underlaw

551-600kg: £1255 Crofthills ; 218.6p Crofthills

601 +kg: £1255 Tinto View ; 201.1p Tinto View

 Dairy Bullocks

£1180 The Law, £1085 Dykehead, £1075 Parklea, £950 Nethertown

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