Tuesday 16th March 2021 – Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 16TH March

Lawrie and Symington sold 1059 Store and Breeding cattle at their fortnightly sale.

Bullocks topped at £1490 for a 678kg British Blue from Laigh Cleughearn, or to 315.4p/kg for a pen of 2 382kg Limousins from Wester Whitecastle, to average 235.8p/kg.

Heifers peaked at £1540 for a 402kg Limousin from West Torphin, or to 383.1p/kg for the same heifer, to level at 231.3p/kg.

Dairy bullocks topped at £1010 for a 550kg Friesian from Parklea, to average 184.5p/kg.


0-300kg: £670 Brownlee Road ; 265.9p Brownlee Road

301-350kg: £960 Wester Whitecastle ; 280.7p Wester Whitecastle

351-400kg: £1205 Wester Whitecastle ; 315.4p Wester Whitecastle

401-450kg: £1155 West Torphin ; 278.3p West Torphin

451-500kg: £1280 South Carnduff ; 263.7p Starlaw

501-550kg: £1345 Underlaw ; 250p Underlaw

551-600kg: £1390 Craighead ; 247.3p Craighead

601-650kg: £1365 Glenbarr ; 222p Glenbarr

651+kg: £1490 Laigh Cleughearn ; 219.8p Laigh Cleughearn


0-300kg: £735 Auchren ; 258.8p Auchren

301-350kg: £890 Greentowers ; 262.3p Auchren

351-400kg: £1300 Mid Shawtonhill ; 361.1p Mid Shawtonhill

401-450kg: £1540 West Torphin ; 383.1p West Torphin

451-500kg: £1230 Craighead ; 255.5p Stonebyres

501-550kg: £1330 Laigh Cleughearn ; 253p Laigh Cleughearn

551-600kg: £1290 Parklea ; 227.1p Parklea

601+kg: £1285 Mafflat ; 212.7p Mafflat


0-300kg: £570 Turnberry Lodge ; 199.3p Turnberry Lodge

300-400kg: £680 Turnberry Lodge ; 182.3p Turnberry Lodge

401+kg: £785 Knowetop ; 184.7p Knowetop

Dairy Bullocks per head

£1010 Parklea, £930 Blackburn Mains, £910 Greentowers, £855 North Bankend, £850 East Hyndshawland

Dairy Bullocks per kilo

193p East Hyndshawland, 192p North Bankend & Blackburn Mains, 184p Parklea

Breeding Cattle

In Calf Heifer: £1260, £1250, £1240 Roan



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