Tuesday 18th May 2021 – Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 18th May

Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 722 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale.

Bullocks reached a top of £1430 for a 772kg British Blue from Wester Walston, or to 292.3p/kg for a pen of four 272kg Limousins from Brownhill, to average 235.58p/kg.

Heifers peaked at £1330 for a 684kg British Blue heifer again from Wester Walston, or to 275p/kg for a pair of 397kg Limousins from Sunnyside/Carbello, to level at 277.19p/kg.

Dairy Bullocks topped at £1070 for a pen of five 572kg Holstein bullocks from Lettrickhills to average 181.4p/kg.


0-300kg: £795 Brownhill ; 292.3p Brownhill

301-350kg: £980 Bickerton Hall ; 287.4p Bickerton Hall

351-400kg: £1040 Sunnyside ; 270.8p Sunnyside

401-450kg: £1110 Linnhead ; 262.2p Sunnyside

451-500kg: £1170 Lawhead ; 239.1p Linnhead

501-550kg: £1210 Garpel  ; 226.3p Letterickhills

551-600kg: £1350 Birkhill ; 232.8p Birkhill

601-650kg: £1390 Stonebyres ; 227.9p Stonebyres

651+kg: £1430 Wester Walston ; 185.2p Wester Walston


0-300kg: £700 Brownhill ; 250p Brownhill

301-350kg: £920 Scrogton ; 262.9p Scrogton

351-400kg: £1090 Sunnyside ; 275p Sunnyside

401-450kg: £1055 Lightshaw ; 251.2p Lightshaw

451-500kg: £1210 Litle Kype ; 249p Little Kype

501-550kg: £1180 Nethertown ; 221.1p East Mains of Ballencrief

551-600kg: £1245 Craigthornhill ; 223.8p Knockenhair

601+kg: £1330 Wester Walston ; 194.4p Wester Walston

Dairy per head

£1070 Lettrickhills, £1030 Muldron, £955 Blackburn Mains, £855 Whitecraigs, £820 North Bankend

Dairy per kilo

201.3p Hawksland, 198p Blackburn Mains, 197.3p Muldron, 189.4p North Bankend, 187.1p Lettrickhills, 186p Whitecraigs, 185.9p Gartvaigh

Our next Sale of Store Cattle will be held on Tuesday 1st June 2021

Please Contact:
Primrose Beaton: 07717 503841
Sandy Moore: 07747 443260
Mungo Guthrie: 07785 901977
Amy Haddow: 07544 161900
Linzi Henderson: 07397 521429

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