Tuesday 19th May 2020 – Sale of Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 19TH May

Lawrie and Symington sold 516 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale.

Bullocks topped at £1290 for an Aberdeen Angus from Bowridge, or to 280.9p/kg for Aberdeen Angus from Skipness Est to average 218.4p/kg.

Heifers peaked at £1190 on two occasions, firstly for a Limousin x from Blackburn Mains and then again for a Limousin from Howford, Innerleithen, or to 260.1p/kg for a Charolais from Scrogton, to average 214.8p/kg.

Dairy Bullocks sold to £880 for British Friesans from Letham to average 162.6p.


0-250kg: £600 Skipness ; 260.9p Skipness

251-300kg: £745 Skipness ; 280.9p Skipness

301-350kg: £820 Hamildean ; 250p Skipness

351-400kg: £930 Bickerton Hall ; 246.5p Mailingsland

401-450kg: £1010 Brocklees ; 232.7p Brocklees

451-500kg: £1120 Gair ; 231.9p Gair

501-550kg: £1190 Blackburn Mains ; 235.2p Blackburn Mains

551-600kg: £1230 Howford ; 215p Howford

601-650kg: £1225 Bowridge ; 193.2p Bowridge

651kg +: £1290 Bowridge ; 188.6p Bowridge


0-250kg: £600 Skipness ; 249p Skipness

251-300kg: £700 Smiddyhill ; 251.9p Skipness

301-350kg: £900 Scrogton ; 260.1p Scrogton

351-400kg: £900 Scrogton ; 245.7p Hamildean

401-450kg: £965 West Torphin ; 240.6p West Torphin

451-500kg: £1190 Blackburn Mains ; 239p Blackburn Mains

501-550kg: £1115 Blackburn Mains ; 215.3p Blackburn Mains

601kg +: £1190 Howford ; 193.8p Howford

Dairy Bullocks

Per Head

£880, £875 Muldron

Per Kilo

182p Letham, 180p, 174p Muldron, 171p Hawksland

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