Tuesday 1st June 2021 – Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 1st June

Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 262 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale.

Bullocks reached a top of £1315 for a 638kg British Blue from Craigthornhill, or to 283.3p/kg for a 300kg Limousin from Burnbrae, Lesmahagow, to average 227.18p/kg.

Heifers peaked at £1345 for a pen of two 554kg Simmental heifers, or to 255.1p/kg for a 294kg Limousin from Burnbrae, Lesmahagow, to level at 216.78p/kg.

Dairy bullocks topped at £795 or 197.3p/kg for two friesians from Craigends, Avonbridge.


0-300kg: £850 Burnbrae ; 283.3p Burnbrae

301-350kg: £900 Burnbrae ; 257.1p Burnbrae

351-400kg: £990 Raws ; 253.8p Raws

401-450kg: £1060 Mid Shawtonhill ; 242.6p Robiesland

451-500kg: £1160 Whitehill ; 238.7p Whitehill

501-550kg: £1240 Whitehill ; 241p Mid Shawtonhill

551-600kg: £1165 Craigthornhill ; 203p Craigthornhill

601 +kg: £1315 Craigthornhill ; 206.1p Craigthornhill


0-250kg: £430 Dawyck Mill ; 193.7p Dawyck Mill

251-300kg: £750 Burnbrae ; 255.1p Burnbrae

301-350kg: £750 Drumalbin ; 225.6p Hillhouse

351-400kg: £910 Burnbrae ; 233.4p Sandilands

401-450kg: £995 Mid Shawtonhill ; 235.2p Gair

451-500kg: £1185 Whitehill ; 251.1p Whitehill

501-550kg: £1180 Mid Shawtonhill ; 232.2p Oldhill

551+kg: £1345 Whitehill ; 242.8p Whitehill

Our next sale of Store Cattle will be held on Tuesday 15th June.

Please Contact:

Primrose Beaton: 07717 503841

Sandy Moore: 07747 443260

Mungo Guthrie: 07785 901977

Amy Haddow: 07544 161900

Linzi Henderson: 07397 521429


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