Tuesday 22nd December 2020 Turkey Sale Report

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Christmas Sale of Poultry

L & S had forward 200 Oven Ready, Turkeys, Geese,Pheasants Chickens at their christmas sale at Lanark.
Oven Ready Turkeys sold to £86 for a 10.4 KG from Haswellsykes
Oven Ready Chicken sold to £6 for a 1.9KG  from Commore Farms
Oven Ready Geese sold to £40x2 for a 4.7Kg/4.2KG from Crawcraigs.
Brace Oven Ready Pheasants sold to £12 from Haswellsykes.

Top Prices
£86 - 10.4Kg Haswellsykes
£80 - 10.4KG Haswellsykes
£72 - 5.4KG Haswellsykes
£64-  7.2KG Haswellsykes
£62 - 6.8KG Haswellsykes
£60 - 6.8KG Haswellsykes
£52 - 13.3KG Killnhills
£50 - 12.2KG Kilnhills
£50 - 8.2KG Crawcraigs
£48 - 12.3Kg Kilnhills

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