Tuesday 28th July 2020 – Sale of Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 28th July

Lawrie and Symington sold 329 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale.

Bullocks topped at £1360 for a Lim x from Messrs McCaskie, Cornhill or 250p for a Lim from Messrs Cruickshank, Little Kype to average 220.1p/kg.

Heifers peaked at £1215 for a British Blue from Messrs Murray, East Crookedstone or to 260.9p from Messrs Cruickshank, Little Kype to average 213.1p.

Dairy bullocks averaged 181p/kg.


0-350kg: £815 Easton ; 242.6p Easton

351-400kg: £955 Little Kype ; 250p Little Kype

401-450kg: £1080 Little Kype ; 240p Little Kype

451-500kg: £1140 Burnton ; 237.2p Burnton

501-550kg: £1215 Ramoan ; 226.1p Corramore

551-600kg: £1245 Cornhill ; 217.4p Cornhill

601 + kg: £1360 Cornhill ; 208.6p Cornhill


0-300kg: £520 Canniehole ; 178.1p Canniehole

301-350kg: £725 Easton ; 223.1p Easton

351-400kg: £870 Little Kype ; 247.2p Little Kype

401-450kg: £1095 Blubell ; 260.9p Little Kype

451-500kg: £1165 Bluebell ; 236.8p Bluebell

501-550kg: £1120 Corramore ; 217.1p Corramore

551 + kg: £1215 East Crookedstone ; 215.4p East Crookedstone



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