Tuesday 29th June 2021 – Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 29th June

Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 112 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale.

Bullocks topped at £1425 for a 582kg Limousin from Powflatts or to 263.3p/kg for a 376kg Limousin from Hillend, to average 230.84p/kg.

Heifers peaked at £1380 on two occasions, firstly for a 594kg Simmental from Whitehill, Gartcosh, and then again for a 602kg Simmental from the same home, or to 259.3p/kg for two 378kg Limousins from The Gair, to average 232p/kg.

Dairy Bullocks topped at £1100 for a 530kg Friesian from Muldron to average 180.9p/kg.


0-350kg: £640 Burnfoot ; 238.8p Burnfoot

351-400kg: £990 Hillend ; 263.3p Hillend

401-450kg: £1015 Hillend ; 241.5p Hillend

451-500kg: £1200 Hillend ; 250p Hillend

501-550kg: £1375 Powflats ; 251.8p Powflats

551 +kg: £1425 Powflats ; 244.8p Powflats


0-300kg: £600 Auchinellan ; 219p Auchinellan

301-350kg: £710 Burnfoot ; 220.5p Burnfoot

351-400kg: £990 Hillend ; 259.3p Gair

401-450kg: £1050 Gair ; 252.4p Gair

451-500kg: £1175 Powflats ; 252.1p Powflats

501-550kg: £1350 Powflats ; 254.7p Powflats

551-600kg: £1380 Whitehill ; 242.9p Whitehill

601+kg: £1380 Whitehill ; 229.2p Whitehill

Dairy per head

£1100 Muldron, £1030 Craigthorn, £970 Haspielaw, £965 Muldron

Dairy per kilo

208p, 202p Muldron, 195.8p Craigthorn, 191p North Bankend, 188p East Hyndshawland, 180p Haspielaw, 179p East Hyndshawland

Our next sale of Store Cattle will be held on Tuesday 13th July 2021

Please Contact:

Primrose Beaton: 07717 503841

Mungo Guthrie:07785 901977

Amy Haddow: 07544 161900

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