Tuesday 2nd June 2020 – Sale of Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 2nd June

Lawrie and Symington sold 204 Store Cattle at their fortnightly store sale.

Bullocks topped at £1355 for a Aberdeen Angus from Ledrishbeg or to 243.6p/kg for a Beef Shorthorn from Netherfauld House to average 224.9p/kg.

Heifers peaked at £1400 for a Limousin from Netherurd Mains or to 244.5p/kg for a Charolais from the same home to average 219.4p/kg.

Dairy Bullocks averaged 184p/kg.


0-250kg: £500 Dawyck Mill ; 200p Dawyck Mill

251-300kg: £610 Waulkmill ; 206.1p Waulkmill

301-350kg: £730 East Mains of Ballencrieff ; 234.7p East Mains of Ballencrieff

351-400kg: £955 Netherfauld House ; 243.6p Netherfauld House

401-450kg: £1035 Kirkton of Crawford ; 232.1p Kirkton of Crawford

451-500kg: £1135 Kepscaith ; 240p Greenwall

501-550kg: £1170 Castlehill ; 226.1p Mannerston

551-600kg: £1275 Kepscaith ; 227.7p Kepscaith

601-650kg: £1350 Ledrishbeg ; 208.3p Ledrishbeg

651kg +: £1355 Ledrishbeg ; 207.8p Ledrishbeg


0-350kg: £700 Newhouses ; 224.4p Newhouses

351-400kg: £875 Parkhall ; 229.7p East Kinleith

401-450kg: £955 Parkerston ; 224.4p Gair

451-500kg: £1120 Netherurd Mains ; 244.5p Netherurd Mains

501-550kg: £1120 Brewshot ; 213p Kirkton of Crawford

551-600kg: £1245 Ledrishbeg ; 208.2p Ledrishbeg

601kg +: £1400 Netherurd Mains ; 216p Netherurd Mains


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