Tuesday 3rd March 2020 – Show and Sale of Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

March Show & Sale of Store Cattle

Tuesday 3rd March 2020    

JUDGE – Mr Craig Malone, Pitcairn Farm, Lochgelly

SPONSOR – Lawrie & Symington Ltd, Country Supplies

Class 1 – Pen of 4 Continental Bred Bullocks (3 forward)

1st – Messrs T Laird & Son, Sunnyside/Carbello

2nd – Messrs J Warnock & Sons, Dreva

3rd – Messrs A & CS Comrie, Stonebyres Mains

Class 2 – Pen of 4 Continental Bred Heifers (None forward)


Class 3 – Single Continental Bullock (3 forward)

1st - Messrs T Laird & Son, Sunnyside/Carbello

2nd - Messrs A & CS Comrie, Stonebyres Mains

3rd – Messrs H Cockburn & Partners, Kingside

Class 4 – Single Continental Heifer (2 forward)

1st - Messrs A & CS Comrie, Stonebyres Mains

2nd - Messrs T Laird & Son, Sunnyside/Carbello

Class 5 – Pen of 4 Native Bullocks (1 forward)

1st – Messrs JR Kerr, Newbigging

Class 6 – Pen of 4 Native Heifers (None forward)

Overall Champion – Messrs T Laird & Son, Sunnyside/Carbello

Overall Reserve Champion – Messrs A & C Comrie, Stonebyres Mains


L & S sold 1321 Store Cattle which met a busy ringside of buyers for the March Show & Sale.

Bullocks topped at £1235 for an Aberdeen Angus from Messrs JR Kerr, Newbigging Mill, or to 286p for a Limousine from H Dunlop, Holehouse Farm, to average 220.1p/kg.

Heifers peaked at £1220 for a British Blue again from H Dunlop, Holehouse, or to 263.7p for a Limousine from the same home to level at 217.2p/kg.

Dairy bullocks averaged 157.5p


0-250kg: £500 Easton; 215.5p Easton

251-300kg: £800 Dykehead; 267.6p Dykehead

301-350kg £870 East Blacklaws; 263.2p Kilwhipnach

351-400kg:  £990 Lawriesmuir; 261.9p Lawriesmuir

401-450kg: £1230 Holehouse; 286p Holehouse

451-500kg: £1160 Buteland; 247.3p Buteland

501-500kg: £1160 Netherton; 220.5p Holehouse

551-600kg: £1220 Holehouse; 221p Holehouse

601-650kg: £1235 Newbigging Mill; 197.3p Newbigging Mill

651kg: £1200 Bowridge; 182.9p Bowridge


251-300kg: £770 Laigh Carnduff; 260.1p Laigh Carnduff

301-350kg: £840 West Torphin; 242.8p West Torphin

351-400kg: £965 Southmains; 241.9p Southmains

401-450kg: £1050 Holehouse; 247.6p Holehouse

451-500kg: £1200 Holehouse; 263.7p Holehouse

501-550kg:£1220 Holehouse; 229.3p Holehouse

551-600kg: £1080 Dykehead; 192.2p Dykehead

601-650kg: £1165 Bonnington; 182.6p Bonnington

Dairy Bullocks

 Per Head

£850 Muldron, £800 Nether Skellyhill, £740 Craigthorn

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