Tuesday 4th February 2020 – Sale of Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 4th February 2020    

L & S had forward 654 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale.

Bullocks: (338) averaged 213.1p to 256p per kg for a pen of 340kg Limousins from Cumberhead Farm, Lesmahagow and £1380 gross for a pen of 694kg Limousins from Carmichael Est, Carmichael.

Heifers: (272) averaged 208.9p to 258p per kg for a pen of 237kg Aberdeen Angus from Knevocklaw Farm, Newmilns and £1215 gross for a pen of 578kg Limousins from Kirkton of Crawford Farm, Abington.

Dairy Bullocks: (44) averaged 162.1p to 174p per kg for a pen of 518kg Friesians from Tanhill Farm, Stonehouse and £950 gross for a pen of 613kg Holsteins from Parklea Farm, Carmunock.


301-350kg: £870 Cumberhead; 256p Cumberhead

351-400kg: £990 Hillend; 249p West Torphin

401-450kg: £1070 Dreva; 244p Dreva

451-500kg: £1100 Dreva; 241p Dreva

501-500kg: £1170 Gair; 227p Dreva

551-600kg: £1165 Craigthornhill; 205p Sandilands

601-650kg: £1335 Carmichael Est; 214p Carmichael Est


201-250gk:£610 Knevocklaw; 257p Knevocklaw

251-300kg: £690 Knecocklaw; 258p Knevocklaw

301-350kg: £745 Blackburn; 225p Blackburn

351-400kg: £890 Burnton; 230p Burnton

401-450kg: £1005 Kirkton of Crawford; 223p Kirkton of Crawford

451-500kg: £1070 Mackiesmill; 223p Burnton

501-550kg: £1130 Blairmulloch; 218p West Millrig

551-600kg: £1215 Kirkton of Crawford; 217p Bent

601-650kg: £1200 Parklea; 194p Parklea


Dairy Bullocks

£950 Parklea, £945 Bottoms, £935 Muldron, £890 Tanhill, £840 Letham, £815 Craigthorn

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