Tuesday 5th May 2020 – Sale of Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 5th May

Lawrie and Symington sold 984 Store Cattle at their weekly sale.

Bullocks topped at £1230 for a Limousin x from Wester Walston, or to 259p/kg for a Limousin from Lochlyoch, to average 214.8p/kg.

Heifers peaked at £1210 twice for a Charolais x from Knockshinnoch, and also for a Charolais from Netherurd Mains, or to 255p/kg for a Limousin from Buteland, to level at 209.8p.


0-250kg: £460 Easter Manuel ; 221.2p Easter Manuel

251-300kg: £660 Dunsyre Mains ; 221.4p Pirleyhill

301-350kg: £865 Lochlyoch ; 259.1p Lochlyoch

351-400kg: £980 Buteland ; 256.4p Lochlyoch

401-450kg: £1090 Buteland ; 242.2p Buteland

451-500kg: £1120 Gair ; 234.3p Gair

501-550kg: £1100 Wester Walston ; 216.3p Gair

551-600kg: £1230 Wester Walston ; 212.1p Wester Walston

601 +: £1210 Wester Walston ; 197.7p Wester Walston


0-250kg: £570 Easter Manuel ; 231.7p Easter Manuel

251-300kg: £705 Lochlyoch ; 247.1p Drumalbin

301-350kg: £840 Lochlyoch ; 243.5p Lochlyoch

351-400kg: £975 Buteland ; 255.9p Buteland

401-450kg: £905 Cleugh ; 214.1p South Carnduff

451-500kg: £1140 Netherurd ; 228.9p Netherurd

501-550kg: £1210 Knochshinnoch ; 224.1p Knockshinnoch

551 +kg: £1210 Netherurd ; 213.8p Netherurd

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