Tuesday 7th December – Store Cattle Sale

Lawrie & Symington Ltd
Lanark Agricultural Centre

LANARK - Store Cattle Report
Tuesday 7th December
Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 254 Store Cattle at their final sale of 2021.
Bullocks topped at £1240 for a 620kg Beef Shorthorn from Kingledores, or to 238.6p for a pair of 503kg Limousins from Kirkton of Crawford, to average 207p/kg.
Heifers peaked at £1450 for a 682kg Aberdeen Angus from The Law, or to 258p for a pair of 500kg Limousins from Newmill, to level at 202.23p/kg.
Dairy bullocks reached a top of £995 for a pen of three British Friesians from Parklea.
0-300kg: £530 Wester Jawcraig ; 196.2p Wester Jawcraig
301-350kg: £730 Drumalea ; 219.1p Roberton Mains
351-400kg: £880 Killail ; 225.6p Killail
401-450kg: £970 Over Kypeside ; 221.7p Roberton Mains
451-500kg: £1140 Netherton ; 230.8p Whitehill
501-550kg: £1230 Mossplatt ; 238.6p Kirkton of Crawford
551-600kg: £1150 Kingledores ; 202.5p Kingledores
601 +kg: £1240 Kingledores ; 202.3p Kingledores
0-300kg: £490 Mauldslie Mains ; 168.4p Mauldslie Mains
301-350kg: £660 Clachaig ; 192.8p Mauldslie Mains
351-400kg: £845 Drumalea ; 227.2p Drumalea
401-450kg: £1020 Nisbet ; 232p Kirkton of Crawford
451-500kg: £1290 Newmill ; 258p Newmill
501-550kg: £1245 Whitehill ; 228p Whitehill
551-600kg: £1320 Kirkton of Crawford ; 234.9p Kirkton of Crawford
601-650kg: £1340 The Law ; 216.8p The Law
651+kg: £1450 The Law ; 212.6p The Law
Dairy Bullocks per head
£995 Parklea, £870, £775 Over Kypeside, £770, £760 South Brackenridge, £740 Boag
Dairy Bullocks per kilo
184p Boag, 181p Over Kypeside, 178p Parklea, 175p South Brackenridge
Our next sale of store cattle will be held on
Tuesday 4th January 2022
Please Contact:
Primrose Beaton: 07717 503841
Sandy Moore: 07747 443260
Mungo Guthrie: 07785 901977
Amy Haddow: 07467 863168

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