Tuesday 8th September 2020 – Store Cattle

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 8th September

L&S had forward 848 store cattle to their fortnightly sale. Trade for the day was topped at £1800 for a Limousin heifer consigned by Mr W Shearer, Burnbrae, with all proceeds being donated to Parkinsons UK in memory of Mr Jim Shearer, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

Bullocks peaked at £1380 for an Aberdeen Angus from AW Bryson, Mafflat, or to 251.4p/kg for a Limousin from Messrs Gallacher, Knockenhair, to average 210.4p/kg.

Heifers topped at £1800 from W Shearer, Burnbrae, Strathaven, or to 343.5p/kg for the same beast, to average 210.1p/kg.

A strong show of 101 dairy bullocks were on offer today peaking at £990 for Montbeliardes from Messrs Russell, Cobblehaugh, to average 170.4p/kg.


0-300kg: £690 Clachaig ; 242.1p Clachaig

301-350kg: £860 Laigh Carnduff ; 250p Laigh Carnduff

351-400kg: £915 Burnbrae, L,Gow ; 251.4p Knockenhair

401-450kg: £1040 High Machriemore ; 234p Almont

451-500kg: £1150 Almont ; 243.5p Drumbowie

501-550kg: £1195 East Kerse ; 231.4p Drumbowie

551-600kg: £1295 Oldhill ; 224.1p Drumbowie

601-650kg: £1295 Mafflat ; 202.3p Mafflat

651kg+:  £1380 Mafflat ; 201.8p Mafflat


0-300kg: £570 Kilwhipnach : 199.3p Kilwhipnach

301-350kg: £770 Laigh Carnduff ; 234p Laigh Carnduff

351-400kg: £910 Torbex ; 234.9p Kilwhipnach

401-450kg: £1015 Burnbrae, L,Gow ; 232.8p Burnbrae, L,Gow

451-500kg: £1115 Drumbowie ; 223.4p Drumbowie

501-550kg: £1800 Burnbrae, Strathaven ; 343.5p Burnbrae, Strathaven

551kg +: £1235 Oldhill ; 217.4p Oldhill

Dairy Bullock

£990 Cobblehaugh, £975 & £965 Park O’ Barnaigh, £950 (2x) Summerhouse, £880 Park O’Barnaigh, £840 Loanfoot, £820 Summerhouse

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