Tuesday 9th November – Store & Suckled Calf Report

Lawrie & Symington Ltd
Lanark Agricultural Centre

Tuesday 9th  November

Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 425 Store Cattle & 109 Suckled Calves at their fortnightly sale.

Store bullocks topped at £1350 on two occasions, firstly for a 676kg Aberdeen Angus from Westertoun, followed by a 583kg Charolais from Darnhall Mains, to average 223.17p/kg.

Heifers peaked at £1490 for a 584kg Limousin from Feoch, or to 261.9p for a 420kg Charolais from Hazelside, to level at 202.14p/kg.

Dairy bullocks reached a top of £955 for a pen of 12 British Friesian bullocks from Tanhill, to average 168p/kg.


0-300kg: £630 Greenlands ; 221.1p Greenlands

301-350kg: £730 Cuttlehill ; 227.6p Burnfoot

351-400kg: £850 Morningside ; 231.6p Waulkmill

401-450kg: £1070 South Brackenridge ; 246.5p Hazelside

451-500kg: £1170 Darnhall Mains ; 238.7p Sandilands

501-550kg: £1170 Darnhall Mains ; 220.7p Posso

551-600kg: £1350 Darnhall Mains ; 232p Darnhall Mains

601-650: £1300 Birkhill ; 213.8p Couplaw

651+kg: £1350 Westertoun ; 199.7p Westertoun


0-350kg: £695 Waulkmill ; 214.5p Waulkmill

351-400kg: £835 Waulkmill ; 214.7p Logan

401-450kg: £1100 Hazelside ; 261.9p Hazelside

451-500kg: £1100 Darnhall Mains ; 229.6p Darnhall Mains

501-550kg: £1140 The Home (Glenbuck) ; 215.5p Watsonhead

551+kg: £1490 Feoch ; 255.1p Feoch

Dairy Bullocks per head

£955 Tanhill, £910 Mid St Colmac, £850 Craigthornhill, £820 Haspielaw, £790 Broomknowes & Haspielaw, £785 South Brackenridge, £770 Craigthornhil, £750 East Hyndshawlands

Dairy Bullocks per kilo

176.2p Tanhill, 174.8p South Brackenridge, 164p, 156p East Hyndshawland, 156p Broomknowes, 155p Mid St Colmac, 154.7p Haspielaw

109 Suckled Calves were forward to the second spring born calf sale.

Bullocks sold to a top of £840 for a pen of seven 342kg Charolais calves from Lawriesmuir, or to 293p/kg for a pen of three 219kg Simmentals from Auchrobert, to average 230.4p/kg.

Heifer calves topped at £740 for a pen of three 358kg Charolais from Yondercroft, or to 248.6p for a pen of seven Simmentals again from Auchrobert, to level at 215.2p/kg.


0-250kg: £580 Auchrobert ; 293p Auchrobert

251-300kg: £690 Auchrobert ; 238.8p Auchrobert

301-350kg: £840 Lawriesmuir ; 245.6p Lawriesmuir

351-400kg: £795 Yondercroft ; 223.3p Yondercroft

401-450kg:                                    221.4p Yondercroft


0-250kg: £550 Auchrobert ; 248.6p Auchrobert

251-300kg: £670 Turdees ; 230.9p Auchrobert

301-350: £725 Yondercroft ; 217p Lawriesmuir

351-400kg: £740 Yondercroft ; 207p Yondercroft

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