Wednesday 13th September – Show and Sale of Border Leicester Sheep

Lawrie & Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre

13th September 2023

Lawrie and Symington conducted the annual show and sale of Border Leicester Sheep when they sold 130 head. The sale included the reduction of the Knockglass Flock on behalf of Messrs Barrowman.

The sale was topped at £3000 twice, firstly from Mary Laidlaws Drennans Flock purchased by Messrs Watson, Mitchelston, Stow, Tom Tennant’s West Forth Flock achieved the same value this time it was purchased online by an undisclosed buyer. John Barrowmans, Knockglass Flock sold the next highest price at £2800 purchased by Messrs McKay, Clyth Mains.

The female section met a flying trade with buyers from all over the country eager to purchase stock. The sale topped at £2600 for a Ewe Lamb from Tom Nelson’s Kilphin Flock, purchased by Messrs Stanley, Melbourne. This was followed by£1800 for a Ewe from Knockglass purchased by Messrs Groat, Portlethen.

Show Results

Judge: Mr George Knox (Kinsella Flock)

Class 1: Gimmer (7 forward)

1st Lot 26 from Alticane

2nd Lot 23 from Drennan's

3rd Lot 17 from Elsrickle Mains

4th Lot 25 from Alticane

5th Lot 20 from Lyham

Class 2: Ewe Lamb (8 forward)

1st Lot 42 from Kilphin

2nd Lot 43 from Kilphin

3rd Lot 35 from Westforth

4th Lot 61 from Silvermuir

5th Lot 51 from Haydan

Class 3: Shearling Ram & above (2 forward)

1st Lot 64 from Elsrickle Mains

2nd Lot 65 from Haydan

Class 4: Progency Group of Three by same Sire (4 forward)

1st Drennan's with Lots 113, 114, 115

2nd Alticabe with Lot 167, 170, 172

3rd Westforth with Lots 82, 83, 84

4th Lyham with Lots 99, 101, 102

Class 5: Ram Lamb (20 forward)

1st Lot 92 from Knockglass

2nd Lot 169 from Alticane

3rd Lot 103 from Intock

4th Lot 69 from Gortnagross

5th Lot 87 from Westforth

Male Champion

Lot 92 from Knockglass

Reserve Male Champion

Lot 169 from Alticane

Female Champion

Lot 26 Alticane

Reserve Female Champion

Lot 42 from Kilphin

Overall Champion

Lot 26 from Alticane

Reserve Overall Champion

Lot 92 from Knockglass


70 Ram Lambs at £753.42

10 Ewes at £1165

16 Gimmers at £656.25

33 Ewe Lambs at £490.61

Principal Prices:

Ram Lambs:

£3000 Drennans & West Forth

£2800 Knockglass

£2200 Didcot

£2000 Knockglass

£2000 Muirmouth

£2000 Alticane

£1800 West Forth

£1800 Alticane


£1800, £1700, £1400 & £1300 Knockglass


£1200 & £1100 Alticane

£900 & £700 Drennans

£700 Elsrickle Mains

£650 & £600 Lyham

Ewe Lambs:

£2600, £1000 (Twice) & £850 Kilphin

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