Wednesday 15th September – Border Leicester Sale

Lawrie & Symington Ltd
Lanark Agricultural Centre

15th September 2021

 Lawrie and Symington Ltd held the Annual Show/Sale of 113 Border Leicester Sheep with a good attendance of buyers, both in person and on the telephone, a great trade prevailed throughout with a 95% clearance.

The sale was topped at £3000 for a Ram Lamb sired by Alticane Hitman being purchased by Duncan Whyte for his Mearns Flock.  Tom Tennant’s Westforth Flock sold two Ram Lambs for £2100, the first going to Sandy & Alex Watson’s Intock Flock, with Keith Hourston secured the other at this price for the Didcot Flock.  Another lamb realised £2000 this being sold by John Barrowman’s, Knockglass with David & Ian Walker purchasing him for the Alticane Flock.

The female section saw 100% clearance with many buyers going home empty handed.  Top price was £1400 for a Gimmer from Neil Howie’s Lyham Flock being purchased by David Potter, Molash, Canterbury.

Principal Prices:

Ram Lambs

£3000 – Clola to Whyte, Mearns

£2100 – Westforth to Watson, Intock

£2100 – Westforth to Hourston, Didcot

£2000 – Knockglass to Walker, Alticane

£1200 – Alticane to Potter, Canterbury

£1100 = Knockglass to Morgan, Ceredigion

£1100 – Knockglass to Reid, Calfpark

£1050 – Intock to Barclay, Harestone

£1000 – Intock to Lamb, Bairnkine

£900 – Lyham to Barrowman, Knockglass


£1400 – Lyham to Potter, Canterbury

£850 – Alticane to M Abram, Peetley

£780 – Alticane to Barclay, Harestone

£780 – Alticane to Barclay, Harestone

£600 – Lyham to Stanley, Derny

Ewe Lambs

£900 – Kilphin to Stanley, Derny

£580 – Tynwald to Aiken, Springview

£550 – West Forth to Thomson, Eaglesfield

£540 – Kilphin to Stanley, Derny


73 - Ram Lambs av £561.37 (2020 £507.19 for 65)

10 – Gimmers av £653 (2020 £550 for 10)

12 Ewe Lambs av £511.67 (2020 £478.47 for 19)

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