Wednesday 22nd December – Turkey Sale Report



Christmas Sale of Poultry - Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Lawrie & Symington Ltd held their Annual Christmas Sale of Oven Ready, Rough Plucked, Turkeys, Geese, Pheasants and Partridges.


An entry of 302 birds sold to a top of £140 for a 13kg Oven Ready Turkey from Kilnhills followed by £102 for 7.7kg Oven Ready Turkey from Haswellsykes.

Oven Ready Turkeys:

13kg to £140 Kilnhills

7.7kg to £102 Haswellsykes

10.8kg to £95 Haswellsykes and £52 East Mosside

10.9kg to £90 Haswellsykes

7.4kg to £90 Haswellsykes

7.5kg to £90 Haswellsykes

9.5kg to £50 to Crawcraigs

8.2kg to £58 Kilnhills


Pair of Pheasants:

£11 and £10 Haswellsykes

£10 Coates


Pair of Pheasants:

£7 and £6 Coates


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