LANARK – Border Leicester Show and Sale – Wednesday 14th September

14th  September 2022

 Lawrie and Symington Ltd held it’s Annual Show and Sale of 137 Border Leicester Rams and Females.

The best trade seen in some time saw a near total clearance with all females keenly sought after by customers old and new with only 6 ram lams unsold.

A buoyant trade saw the sale top at £4200 for a Ram Lamb from David & Ian Walker, Laigh Alticane and sold to Mr Euan Mills, Shawsmill, Fife.

Females topped at £1800 for the Show Champion from Mrs Mary Laidlaw, Drennan’s and a new home with Messrs Green, Beachanwell.

The pre-sale show was ably judged by Mr Jack Lamb (Boreland Flock) who made the following awards:

Class 1: Gimmer

1st Lot 7 Drennan’s                                        £1800 to S Green, Beachanwell

2nd Lot 8 Drennan’s                                      £1100 to Mr & Mrs B Stanley, Park Farm

3rd Lot 10 Didcot                                           £700 to R Morton, Stoblee

4th Lot 2 Lyham                                             £650 to R & N Groat, Bishoptone

5th Lot 18 Elsricklemains                              £650 to J Hamilton, Silvermuir


Class 2: Ewe Lamb (10 forward)

1st Lot 30 Westforth                                     £1400 to R McCready, NI

2nd Lot 41 Tynwald                                       £1100 to Mr & Mrs B Stanley, Park Farm

3rd Lot 47 Knockglass                                   £1200 to H Dickey

4th Lot 35 Westforth                                    £800 to S Green, Beachanwell

5th Lot 29 Slatehill                                         £600 to I Wilson, Fordoun


Class 3: Shearling Ram and above (2 forward)

1st Lot 54 Drennan’s                                     £2000 to R & N Groat, Bishoptone

(Consigned by JB Barrowman)

2nd Lot 58 Ditton                                           £420 to A C Barbour, Keil

Class 4: Progency Group of Three (5 forward)

1st Westforth

2nd Gortnagross

3rd Drennan’s

4th Muirmouth

5th Mearns

Class 5: Ram Lamb (15 forward)

1st Lot 133 Mearns                                        £1500 to K Hourston, Didcot

2nd Lot 86 Drennan’s                                    £1900 to Summerfield Holsteins, New Yew Tree

3rd Lot 101 Knockglass                                 £350 Sarah Hudgins, Spondon

4th Lot 125 Kilphin                                         £450 to J Pile, Barnstable

5th Lot 95 Springview                                   £1600 to Hallam, Eggleston

Male Champion

Lot 72 from Westforth                                  £2400 to Mary Laidlaw, Drennan’s

Reserve Male Champion

Lot 117 Gortnagross                                      £3800 to J Douglas, Clola


Female Champion

Lot 7 from Drennan’s

Reserve Female Champion

Lot 30 from Westforth                                  £1400 to R McCready, NI

Overall Champion

Lot 7 from Drennan’s

Reserve Overall Champion

Lot 30 from Westforth

Principal Prices:

 Ram Lamb

£4200 Walker, Laigh Alticane to Mr Euan Mill, Shawsmill

£3800 Semple, Gortnagross to J Douglas, Clola

£2400 Tennant, West Forth to Jack Lamb Farming, Boreland

£2400 Tennant, West Forth to Mary Laidlaw, Drennan

£2400 Tennant, West Forth to David Walker, Laigh Alticane

£2200 Semple, Gortnagross to Summerfield Holsteins

£2100 Tennant, West Forth to D & J Morgan, Abertrinant Farmhouse

£2000 Walker, Laigh Alticane to R McCreedy, NI

£2000 Nelson, High Kilphin to R Aiken, Mosshouse


£1800 Laidlaw, Drennan’s to Steve Green, Beachanwell

£1400 Walker, Laigh Alticane to R & N Groat, Bishoptone

£1200 Walker, Laigh Alticane to R & N Groat, Bishoptone

£1100 Laidlaw, Drennan’s toMr & Mrs B  Stanley, Park Farm

£900 Laidlaw, Drennan’s to R & N Groat, Bishoptone

£750 Hourston, Didcut to A & M McFarlane, Dungiven

£700 Hourston, Didcut to R Morton Stobilee

Ewe Lamb

£1400 Tennant, West Forth to R McCreedy, NI

£1200 Barrowman, Knockglass to H Dickey, Rosenga

£1100 Rothwell to Mr & Mrs B Stanley, Park Farm

£800 Tennant, West Forth to L J Goddard, The Hawthornes

£800 Tennant, West Forth to Steve Green, Beachanwell

£700 Barrowman, Knockglass to L J Goddard, The Hawthornes



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