Scottish Area Branch Show & Sale of Suffolk Sheep: 20th/21st July 2023





Judges: Mr Pat Machray, Middlemuir flock (Pedigree Classes) and Mr Craig Bradbury, Satchells Farm (Young Handlers and Elite Class)


Sponsors: J C Environmental Solutions and Galloway & MacLeod


Class 1: Young Handlers (Under 16s) (6 forward)

1st Riley Gurney

2nd Noah Taylor

3rd Aimee Liggett

4th Lara Taylor

5th Charlie Sharp

6th Glen Henderson


Class 2: Young Handlers (16 - 26) (2 forward)

1st Gemma Stuart

2nd Hannah Lormier


Class 3: Elite Commercial Ram Lamb (14 forward)

1st Lot 56 from Redbrae (JKA:23:05227)

2nd Lot 169 from Cadgerford (414:23:01019)

3rd Lot 81 from Birness (1W:23:03882)

4th Lot 47 from Cranorskie (PUZ:23:01460)

5th Lot 157 from Castleisle (DDX:23:01372)

6th Lot 42 from Pyras (ZLN:23:00811)


Class 4: Gimmer (5 forward)

1st Lot 12 from Howgillfoot (UTZ:22:00224)

2nd Lot 5 from Knockem (SUP:22:19309)

3rd Lot 13 from Harpercroft (249:22:01224)

4th Lot 15 from Bridgeview (BLN:22:01778)

5th Lot 6 from Knockem (SUP:22:19306)


Class 5: Ewe Lamb (3 forward)

1st Lot 26 from Spittal (DYX:23:00052)

2nd Lot 21 from Strathview (PPZ:23:00377)

3rd Lot 25 from Spittal (DYX:23:00068)


Class 6: Novice Ram Lamb (15 forward)

1st Lot 205 from Hawshill/Sharps (WPT:23:00315)

2nd Lot 222 from Frongoy (NAT:23:10764)

3rd Lot 139 from Sportsmans (WWZ:23:01446)

4th Lot 149 from Howeburn (LBC:23:06287)

5th Lot 199 from Howgillfoot (UTZ:23:00313)

6th Lot 82 from Mullaghboy (UJX:23:00268)


Class 7: Open Ram Lamb (24 forward)

1st Lot 170 from Solwaybank (FHT:23:02352)

2nd Lot 176 from Rhaeadr (A12:23:02671)

3rd Lot 235 from Lakeview (JFF:23:02158)

4th Lot 188 from Limestone (KPC:23:02331)

5th Lot 73 from Birness (1W:23:03864)

6th Lot 193 from Pyeston (LVL:23:00952)


Class 8: Group of Three Ram Lambs (8 forward)

1st Birness (Lot 74 - 1W:23:03856, Lot 76 - 1W:23:03853, Lot 77 - 1W:23:03857)

2nd Hawshill/Sharps (Lot 203 - WPT:23:00257, Lot 204 - WPT:23:00266, Lot 208 - WPT:23:00270)

3rd Claycrop (Lot 210 - NCX:23:09138, Lot 211 - NCX:23:09103, Lot 212 - NCX:23:09143)

4th Solwaybank (Lot 171 - FHT:23:02361, Lot 172 - FHT:23:02387, Lot 175 - FHT:23:02326)

5th Oakbridge (Lot 92 - FSC:23:00546, Lot 93 - FSC:23: 00518, Lot 94 - FSC:23:00520)

6th Bridgeview (Lot 120 - BLN:23:01989, Lot 121 - BLN:23:01984 (SUB), Lot 123 - BLN:23:02018 (SUB))


Female Champion: Lot 12 from Howgillfoot (Gimmer)

Reserve Female Champion: Lot 26 from Spittal (Ewe Lamb)


Male Champion: Lot 170 from Solwaybank (Ram Lamb)

Reserve Male Champion: Lot 205 from Hawshill/Sharps (Ram Lamb)


Scottish Breed Champion: Lot 170 from Solwaybank (Ram Lamb)

Reserve Scottish Breed Champion: Lot 74 from Birness (Ram Lamb)


Overall Champion: Lot 170 from Solwaybank (Ram Lamb)

Reserve Overall Champion: Lot 205 from Hawshill/Sharps (Ram Lamb)


Shepherd's Prize: Mrs Margaret Barbour, Solwaybank flock




Top price of 4,000gns was achieved for Paul and Georgia Delves gimmer, from the Bridgeview flock. A daughter of Burnview Bombay Sapphire, she out is of a homebred ewe by Strathbogie Sirus. She now heads home to the Solwaybank flock with Iain and Judith Barbour.


Following this was the Female Champion from Miss Lilia Hutchison, Howgillfoot which realised 3,000gns. A daughter of the 25,000gns Frongoy Rocket, she is out of a homebred ewe sired by 9,000gns Crewelands Captain Crusader. She caught the watchful eye of Stewart Craft for his Lakeview flock.


Two were then sold at 2,500gns. First from Lilia Hutchison’s Howgillfoot flock, this is also a daughter of the 25,000gns Frongoy Rocket but with a Balquain dam by Lakeview Under The Radar. She heads to Inverurie with Finn Christie to join his Maidenstone flock.


The second 2,500gns came from the Knockem flock for Messrs Nicolson, Highfield Farming. She is by Strathbogie Scorcher and out of a homebred Lakeview Bob daughter. She sold to Ali Jackson of Maulcastle, Dumfries.


Topping the Ewe Lambs at 500gns was the Reserve Female Champion from Mrs J J Tooze of the Spittal flock with her mid-January born lamb. Sired by the 3,200gns Redbrae The Rock, she is out of a homebred dam, sired by Crewelands Crete. She heads north to Orkney with Messrs Laird, Yeldabreck.


Averages: 11 gimmers averaged £1990.23 (13 forward); 3 ewe lambs averaged £385.00 (6 forward)


Topping the Scottish Area Branch’s Show & Sale was Stewart Craft’s Lakeview flock based in Fife. His first lamb realised 52,000gns, selling in a two-way split to Paul and Georgia Delves, Bridgeview flock and Charlie and Tom Boden, Sportsmans flock. For their money, they get a son of the 40,000gns Strathbogie Stallone, out of a homebred daughter of Limestone Limited Edition.


Next top came from the Castleisle flock for Andrew Wilson when his Kells-T-Rex sired lamb realised 28,000gns. His dam is homebred and by the Lakeview Armani. He sold in a three-way share with half purchased by Messrs Hutchison for his Howgillfoot flock, with a quarter share selling to Ross Lawerence of the Roundacre flock and the final quarter to Finn Christie for his Maidenstone flock.


The Overall Sale Champion came from Solwaybank from Iain and Judith Barbour came next at 22,000gns when selling to MacCauley Suffolks, Pennsylvania, USA. He gets a son of the 60,000gns Sportsmans Golden Moments whilst the dam is a Crewelands Champion homebred daughter.


Closely behind at 20,000gns was Jeremy Sharp’s, Hawshill/Sharps Flock which sold to Shrewsbury based breeders, Philip and Russell Poole for their Salopian flock. A son of Sportsmans Striker, he is by the homebred sire, Hawshill Harrier.


Another at 20,000gns came from Myfyr Evans, Rhaeadr Suffolks for his Dunfell Dynamite bred lamb, out of a Lakeview dam sired by Limestone Limited Edition. He now heads to work with four different flock, all taking a quarter share. Lesley Liggett of the Carony flock, Mark Priestly of the Limestone flock, Allen Short from Strabane along with Williams Suffolks in Portugal, were the final bidders.


The Sharp family were back in the five-figure bracket, this time receiving 18,000gns for their Reserve Overall Champion. Selling to Aberdeenshire, he heads to the Birness flock of Messrs Stuart. Here they get a son of Rhaeadr Warrior with a cross on the dam’s side Bendyglen Black Caviar and a Redbrae dam.


This was closely followed at 17,000gns, from the same home flock’s first lot sold to Iain and Judith Barbour, Solwaybank and Stewart Craft, Lakeview.  Another Rhaeadr Warrior son, his dam is homebred and sired by Frongoy Firenze.


New consigners to the Lanark Sale, were father and son duo Philip and Ryan Gurney of Oakbridge Suffolks, Coleraine. They received a good day’s trade with their top making 16,000gns selling to Shropshire breeders, Holly and Richard Bowdler for their Tombridge flock. He is sired by the privately purchased £10,000 Forkins Masterplan (which the breeder has retained a share) and out of a Crewelands Ewe sired by Birness Playboy.


Mark Priestley also received 16,000gns for a son of Castleisle A Kingsman, he is out of a homebred dam by Lakeview No Limits. He sells back across the water to the Ballynacannon flock of Dennis and Kathryn Taylor.


Up next was the Scottish Reserve Champion from the Stuart family at Birness. Realising 13,000gns, he sold in a two-way share to Stewart Lathangie, Pyeston and Mike Black, Collessie. For their money they receive a son of Rookery The King and out of a homebred dam sired by Limestone Legacy.


The final five-figure price late in the day came from Dennis and Kathryn Taylor’s Ballynacannon flock based in Co Tyrone when they sold their second lamb for 12,000gns to Stewart Craft, Lakeview. A Cairnton Chaos son, he comes out of a Crewelands ewe who is sired by the Birness Playboy.


Average: 147 ram lambs averaged £3363.93 (177 forward) with an 84% clearance rate and 11-five figure prices realised.

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